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Pat Jeanne Davis

Pat Jeanne Davis writes from Philadelphia, Pa. Her fiction has appeared in CFOM, Harpstring Magazine and Horizon Magazine. Pat's articles, essays and short stories are featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul (6 books), Guideposts, The Lookout, GRIT Magazine, Bible Advocate, Renewed and Ready, Faith & Finances, God Answers Prayers, Blessings for Mothers, Woman's Touch, Woman Alive and Take-A-Break Magazines (U.K.). She is a regular contributor of devotions at Pat has completed an historical inspirational novel and has agency representation. She is a member of ACFW and The Writers View. Visit her at

Snow Angel

“Your secret admirer might shovel you out of our driveway again tomorrow.”

Trudi laughed at her mother’s words. “Me, with an admirer! That’s as likely as a snow angel coming to my aid.”

Trudi crossed the living room, and with the sleeve of her robe wiped the cold misty windowpane. “Ray’s out of town for another day, but he’s already given me an extension of time on my proposal. So snow or no snow, tomorrow is the deadline.”

She watched large flakes fall under the street light. Ray was not only a wonderful boss, but a rare single man with whom she had much in common, even the same February birthday. If only Ray would see me as someone more than a coworker.

As if her mother read her mind, she touched Trudi’s arm. “You know what they say about good things coming to those who wait.” Then she put her arms around Trudi. “Don’t give up hope.”

Trudi returned the hug. She wanted to believe in that promise. But how long must she wait until Ray noticed her?

Trudi sighed. “Thanks, Mom.” She pulled the heavy drapes shut and yawned. “Need to turn in now if I’m going to get up an hour earlier.”

In the morning Trudi rolled over, opened one eye and hit the alarm. Five o’clock! Then remembering why she’d set the alarm so early, she walked to the window, preparing herself mentally for the job outside. She opened the blind and discovered that again her sidewalk and driveway were free of snow. Wish I knew who to thank.


When Trudi arrived at the indoor garage at her work, it was empty except for another car. The driver, wearing a black peacoat, white scarf, and black earmuffs, walked over. “Looks like we’re the first to arrive.”

Haven’t seen him before.

The stranger extended his hand. “Name’s Ben. Yesterday was my first day.”

“I’m Trudi. I work in Personnel.” She released her hand from his. “Some snow!”

“Yeah. Any trouble getting here?”

“No. Thanks to someone shoveling my driveway.”

Ben rubbed his hands together. “Freezing isn’t it? I’m going to grab some coffee. Can I buy you one?”

“No, thanks. Got to get upstairs.” Ray’s counting on me to hold up my end.

He smiled. “Maybe another time.”

Ben held the door and they both entered the lobby. Before she got the chance to ask him where he worked, he’d already ducked into the coffee shop.

Trudi headed for the elevator to the top floor. She placed her proposal on the secretary’s desk, hoping Ray would be proud of her efforts.


Trudi’s heart flip-flopped when she saw Ray at his desk the next day.

“Have a minute?” her boss asked, pointing to the chair next to him.

He leaned back in his seat and gave Trudi a broad grin. “Our boss e-mailed me last night to say he’s impressed with your work. You put a lot into it, Trudi, and it’s paid off.”

Trudi’s knees went weak just as she was about to sit. “That’s a relief.”

He drew his chair closer to hers. “You’ve scored with management.”

Have I scored with you, too? Is all the waiting over?

“I think you’re in line for a status change.”

She locked her eyes with his clear blue ones. “Do you mean a promotion?” But what she desired was a change of status with him.

“A promotion.” Ray leaned closer. “This calls for celebration,” he whispered.

He placed an arm over the back of her seat. “Can we go out tomorrow evening?”

Could they ever.

“Sounds good.” Trudi’s tone masked her excitement.

“Terrific! Tomorrow night.”

At that moment the new hire knocked on the door and walked into the office. “You wanted to see me?”

Ray turned to Ben. “You’re earlier than I expected today.”

“But not as early as yesterday. Ben cleared his throat. “I can come back.”

Ray moved forward in his chair. “Trudi, this is Ben. He’ll be working with me for a while.”

Trudi smiled. “We introduced ourselves yesterday. Welcome aboard.”

Trudi got up. “If there’s nothing more for now?” She had only until tomorrow evening to wait for the something more.

As Trudi neared the door, she overheard Ben say to Ray, “I don’t recall that shoveling snow was in my job description.” He laughed. “I didn’t even get to buy her a cup of coffee and you get to take her out.”

Trudi smiled to herself and kept right on walking. She’d already thanked Ben in the parking lot.

Mom was so right. And she had a snow angel, too.

© Pat Jeanne Davis 2012