Always The Designer, Never The Bride


Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant

Publicity - Everyone Needs It

Spring Fever Chocolate Promotion Dessert

Yes, folks, that’s correct, it’s spring and That Literary Lady is going to give you her top secret recipe to my Spring Fever Chocolate Promotion Dessert—and it’s FREE! I think FREE is the best four-letter word there is—besides fries. Oh wait, that’s five letters. Gotcha! Now that I have your attention, here is my recipe for a Spring Fever Chocolate Promotion Dessert. Please note that you may have seen some of these ingredients in many of my previous articles—I mean recipes. Many of the ingredients are also FREE!

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Cara Putman

ACFW Happenings

Conference Time
Robin Miller, ACFW Conference Director

Have you heard? The annual ACFW conference is the premier writers’ conference for writers of Christian fiction. The 2012 conference will be held in Dallas, Texas, at the beautiful Hyatt Regency hotel, September 20−23.

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Track Changes - One Editor's POV

Ramona Richards

“Comma, Comma, Comma, Comma, Comma Chameleon . . .”

Sorry, having a bit of an ’80s flashback there. And fully revealing myself as a grammar dork (as if you didn’t already know), that’s what I thought dear Boy George was singing until I got my first glance at the song title. But the actual title is “Karma Chameleon,” and the line “How to sell a contradiction” sounded to me like “How to sell a contraction.”

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Terry Burns

Heard It Thru Hartline


It’s conference season again. I enjoy the one-on-one appointments with conference attendees. I just came back from the Writing for the Soul conference by Jerry B. Jenkins in Denver. Excellent conference. Too many people don’t take an appointment because they don’t have a project to pitch. It’s a missed opportunity, for most editors and agents I know enjoy having “teaching appointments” with conferees.

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Janice Hanna Thompson

Supplementing Your Habit

Less is More

Here in Texas the bluebonnets are peppering the landscape with their brilliant blue be-dazzlement. Looking at them gives me such hope for the future. Where there’s a budding flower, there is the promise of better days ahead. Sunny days. Happy days. This month I want to continue a teaching that I began three months ago using the word GOALS. We’ve been breaking that word down into bite-sized pieces, using it as an acronym.

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