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Donald James Parker is a rebel with a cause and is the author of nine novels, seven of which he considers culture-flash fiction. His goal is to promote God's kingdom and tear down strongholds of the enemy while he provides entertainment. He writes for The Christian Pulse, Examiner.Com, and The ebooks of all his novels are available for free download from his website at All of Don's books promote sexual purity, but two are especially focused on that topic - Love Waits and Homeless Like Me. The novels that attack the theory of human evolution include More Than Dust in the Wind, All the Voices of the Wind, and All the Fury of the Wind. Reforming the Potter's Clay is an attack on the occult. All the Stillness of the Wind is a spiritual odyssey which spotlights cheap grace and lukewarm living.

Getting Your Book into Nook Format

A while back I wrote an article on how to market your book on the Kindle platform. Now I give equal time to the Nook platform. Here are the steps to getting your book on the ebook market at Barnes & Noble.

Before you get started, let’s take an inventory of what you need. First, you must have a copy of your manuscript. Pubit only accepts ePub, Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx), HTML, RTF, and TXT formats. If you don’t have any of those, you’ll need to generate one of them. Next, you also need a graphic for your cover. It must be at least 750 pixels and no more than 2000 pixels on one of the sides and in a jpeg format. If your picture doesn’t qualify here, you’ll have to save it as a jpeg file or resize the one you have.

Browse to

• Click Create an Account to do exactly that. Once you’ve got an account, you can add titles to your account. When you log on, you should be taken to a page that lists all of your titles. Since you’re new, you won’t have any yet.

• Click Add a Title. Once you’ve added a book and it’s been published, you’ll get an Action dropdown that gives you the option to Edit, View, Product Page (page where users can add your book to their cart), and Take off Sale.

• In the section 1. Product Listing, fill in Title, List Price, Publication Date, Publisher, Author First Name, Author Last Name, Author City, and Author State.

• Move to the section 2. Upload Your Ebook. Click on Browse and choose the file that contains your manuscript. Click on the Upload and Preview button. When the preview screen comes up, you can move to higher pages by clicking on the green arrow on the right side of the depiction of the Nook machine. (You won’t see the green arrow until you get your mouse in that area.) To go backward there is a hidden arrow on the left side of that little picture that can be clicked to move backward. When that arrow will no longer appear, you’re at the beginning of the book. The right arrow will disappear when you reach the end of the book. When you’re done with the preview, click the Close Preview button.

• Move to the section 3. Upload Your Cover Image. Browse to your .jpg file and click the Upload Button. If your picture does not appear on the screen, the file is not acceptable. (The error message actually shows up toward the top of the screen and you have to scroll up to see it.– I learned by experience when my graphic was too small.)

• Move to the section 4. Help Readers Find Your Ebook. Click Yes if you have an ISBN number and then fill in the box with the 13 digit version (no hyphens). Answer Yes or No for whether book is a series. If you say Yes, you must provide a name. Answer Yes or No whether the book is available in print. If yes, you’ll need to provide the page count. Answer No for the question if book is in the public domain. Answer age group question from dropdown. For the DRM question, I suggest you answer No.

• Move to the section 5. Tell Us More About Your Ebook. Click on the Add Categories button to choose the categories that apply to your book (you can choose two). Enter keywords (used for search engines) separated by commas. A phrase is considered a keyword. Enter the description for your book. Enter a blurb on you as the author in the About the Author section. If

you have editorial reviews, you can add those in the next section (maximum of five reviews). Click the Save button. After it saves, you’ll be warned that you have not put the book on sale yet. You need to click on Keep Working on this Nookbook. Make sure that all of your information is accurate. Then check the box asking whether you have the legal rights to perform this action, and click the button that reads Put On Sale. You should get a congratulations screen. If you don’t, find the problem and submit again. The Nook version will be available for purchase from twenty-four to seventy-two hours after your submission.

Are you discouraged because you can’t sell books? Does this mean you are forever relegated to walk in rejection? I can certainly relate to that. Been there, done that, and am sick of beating the head against a wall. Here is a little tidbit that might bring a ray of hope. This is from a book dedication:

To Bobby Moak When xxx was published twenty years ago, I soon learned the painful lesson that selling books was far more difficult than writing them. I bought a thousand copies & had trouble giving them away. I hauled them in the trunk of my car & peddled them at libraries, garden clubs, grocery stores, coffee shops, & a handful of bookstores. Often, I was assisted by my dear friend Bobby Moak.

The author who penned this dedication to his friend Bobby, who helped him try to sell books, is now a household name: John Grisham.

I’m certainly not guaranteeing that everyone who persists until the end will eventually rise to star status. With the proliferation of authors on our planet, it is now logistically impossible for everyone to succeed to this degree. But I can make one guarantee. If you quit trying, you certainly will never make a breakthrough.

Here’s a link for people looking for some help in promoting their self-published books:

You can listen to their radio broadcasts at


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