Kathy Carlton Willis

For Readers

Set Your Sights High Achieve New Reading Goals

Right along with the weight-loss resolutions and the goals to improve your finances, have you made any specific reading objectives for 2011? Let’s discuss ways to make your reading more intentional this year. With a plan in place, you’re likely to read more books by year’s end. More books often equals expanded minds, reduced stress, and increased faith.

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Jennifer Slattery

For Writers


Marketing. It’s perhaps the most dreaded word in the industry. That and the one-page synopsis. Probably because both require use from different sides of the brain than writers are accustomed to using. As free-thinking, day-dreaming authors, where do we begin? How do we turn that book deal into a moneymaker, without going crazy in the process?

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Brandilyn Collins

Making A Scene

Hear the Beat! Using Sentence Rhythm, Part II

Last month I introduced the concept of sentence rhythm, which is based on this principle: the rhythm of your sentences should match the “beat” of action in your scene and the emotion you want to create in the reader. We discussed the technique of shortening your sentences to create a desired rhythm of action and suspense. If you missed Part I, please read it HERE before continuing. (Even if you did read it last month, I suggest a reread to remind yourself of the techniques.)

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Anita Higman

Author By Night

Ten Steps to the CBA Best-Seller List

My writer’s journey is like climbing a tall pine tree, hoisting myself branch by branch until my legs are shaking and my spirit is faint. Sometimes I make good headway, only to slip and nearly lose my footing altogether. At other times I look up and see many splendorous tree houses filled with authors who are more successful than me, all laughing at literary jokes and toasting one another’s successes, their celebratory beverages splashing on my face.

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Yvonne Lehman

Genre Happenings

Research for Hawaii Historical Novels

What could be more romantic than writing a series of historical Hawaii novels? After all, Hawaii is a tourist mecca where thousands go there each year for vacations, weddings, and honeymoons. I felt sure that my words and imagination would flow, since I had already written one contemporary Hawaii novel, my three daughters had visited there, and I have a writer-friend who lives in Hawaii.

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