Book of Days

Dave Meigs

Life-Transforming Fiction

Recipe for Changing Lives

I love to cook. I think I picked it up from my dad. Back when I was just a little tyke, I remember waking up in the middle of the night and finding Dad baking pies. He would put a finger to his lips, warning me to keep quiet. Then he would let me sample a little. After making me promise to keep this our secret, he would send me back to bed. “I want to surprise your momma,” he would say.

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Deborah Anderson

Diary Of A Crazy Writer

I Dream of Writing

Back in 2002, I lost one of my older brothers to lung cancer. A few months after his death, I had the craziest dream about writing. What’s so crazy about that? Well, I wasn’t a writer at the time. Don’t get me wrong, I always wanted to be one, but wanting and knowing how are two different things.

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jim Rubart

Quantum Marketing

Do Radio Interviews Work?

Yes! Of course they do. No, they’re a complete waste of time. (And they’ll cause sales to drop.) Both answers are, of course, correct. A great interview can turn into a large chunk of books sold (which is what happened to me last month, more on that in a moment). And it can cause a person who was considering buying your book to keep their coins out of your coffer. How often should you post on social networks like Facebook and Twitter? 

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Jeannie Campbell

Character Therapy

To Err is Human: Tips for New Year’s Resolution Success

To start out 2012, I have some bad news. More than one-third of you will break your New Year’s resolution before January 2. One-half of you will break it before the week’s end. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Since January 1 is the magical date to “start over” or “wipe the slate clean,” as opposed to any old day being good enough to make a self-improvement, I have a few suggestions for those of us...

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Jeannie Campbell

She Reads

This Month's She Reads...
Has A Fresh and Exciting New Direction!

Toward the latter half of 2011, my co-director, Ariel Lawhon, and I started looked at our She Reads participants and the comments they left. We learned some interesting things. While most of the regulars are Christians, a majority of them read a healthy mix of both Christian and general fiction. With this in mind, in September of last year we chose...

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