Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Life-Transforming Fiction

Blessings from the Ashes, Part II

Dave Meigs

What if your home burned down tonight? Would everything you’ve ever written go up in smoke, or do you have a fireproof backup plan? I thought I did. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way what strategies worked and which ones didn’t. I hope you can benefit from my mistakes.

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Fiction Rants

7th Heaven

John Perrodin

Remember the TV commercials for James Patterson’s The Women’s Murder Club series? Did anyone assume that because it was Patterson, the series would be uber-fantastic? How many people reacted with, “Duh-ang, when is this guy going to slow down? How many books does he write with other people? How does he...

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Rachel's Rubies

Rachel Hauck


What comes to mind when you hear mother-of-pearl? I picture an antique brooch or some shiny, pearly trim on a jewelry box or a musical instrument.

The word “old-fashioned” comes to mind. When I put jewelry on my Christmas list, a mother-of-pearl piece is the last thing on my mind. In fact, it’s not even on my mind.

Lately, I became educated on the beauty and value of mother-of-pearl, or nacre...

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All About YA

Get Ready to Read Summer Releases from CBA Houses

Jill Williamson

There are a lot of great things about summer, but one of my favorites growing up was going to the library and checking out as many nonschool books as possible. It was the ultimate freedom and entertainment, no charge. And when I got old enough for a summer job, I could actually purchase a few books to read over and over. Summer is a wonderful time.

And since it’s here, I thought I’d let you..

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Quantum Marketing

The Power Of Sound

jim Rubart

Think Motel 6. For nine out of ten people, Tom Bodett will pop into their brains, or “We’ll leave the light on for you,” or maybe even “lowest price of any national chain.” Most people get a homey, folksy feel. They can usually hear the Motel 6 music bed playing in their heads.

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Fiction International

World Wide Words

Shirley Corder

The 2006 Oxford English Dictionary is published in seven variants of English. My word processor offers fourteen. This gives us, as writers in this postmillennial era, a major challenge. With the tremendous advance in communication, especially through the Internet, it is imperative we use writing that is understood world wide.

Shortly after I joined my first online writers’ group, I submitted an e-mail requesting advice. I shook the lovely Christian members of the group rigid. 

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