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Every TTTS VIDEO is designed and produced by Award Winning (US Film Festival, USA Film Festival), Hollywood, WGA Screenwriter, Misty Taggart and her handpicked professional TTTS production staff and voice over talent. With her 20 years of experience actively working in animation and live action she is the driving force behind TRAILER TO THE STARS! PRODUCTIONS. Visit their website at http://www.TrailertotheStars.com or their Youtube site: http://www.youtube.com/booksinmotion . Among Misty's credits: ANOTHER WORLD (NBC), KNOTS LANDING, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, ROMANCE THEATER, FANTASY ISLAND, SCOOBY DOO, JEM, FAT ALBERT, TEENAGED MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ... and much more.

The most significant multi-media marketing tool you will ever invest in! For Information on TTTSers™ & available production dates...Email Misty at TrailertotheStars@gmail.com

Trailer To The Stars

Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Web Promotion, Oh My!

Makes you want to buy a ticket, doesn’t it?

That’s what a professional video trailer does for you.

It sells your books, brings in speaking engagements and new clients for your services.

A Trailer to the Stars Video is your #1 Marketing Tool!

Come along on the exciting trip down the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ to success. Once you have a professional video trailer that truly tells your story in a compelling and exciting way, you will definitely know, ‘ you’re not in Kansas anymore!’ The vibrant and never-ending world of book, author and website marketing opens up to you.

We all know videos work beautifully for fiction, but I’m always asked if TRAILER TO THE STARS videos can be used to promote authors, speakers and websites? The answer is a resounding YES.

Website/Services Video Trailer

The World Wide Web offers you amazing opportunities to market your books and promote your services. Are you taking full advantage of the power of the Internet? Whether you are an

author, speaker or service provider isn’t it time to talk about what a TRAILER TO THE STARS video can do for you? Our work is well-known. Our clients include bestseller authors, top speakers and the best publishers; Kregel, Tyndale, Abingdon and so many others.

Speaker & Author Video Trailer

Non-Fiction Video Trailer

Children’s Book Video Trailer



A budget friendly way to professionally promote your book.

“You did a superb job of capturing the intensity of my novel.”

Author, Ronie Kendig

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