A Corpse At St. Andrews Chapel

Life-Transforming Fiction

Inspiring the Inspirational Writer

Dave Meigs

When I first started writing, I used to go to the park, the beach, or even hike to some majestic mountaintop in hopes of finding the inspiration I needed to write. Unfortunately, the beauty of the setting or the sounds and smells overwhelmed my...

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Diary Of A Crazy Writer

Escapade Two

Deborah Anderson

Over the past few months, I’ve shared with you a few of my faux pas . . . I mean, helpful tips about writing. It seems I have a knack for doing strange things in this craft. Though my intentions are well-meaning, unusual occurrences...

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Rachel Hauck

Rachel Hauck

Dodging Raindrops

Words mean things. We like to think they don’t, really, because sarcasm is so snappy and funny (when it’s aimed at someone else).

The American sitcom is nothing but barbs and quips. And often the offended character merely bats the insult down with a wave of the hand and walks out of the room. Later, at the coffee house, pizza joint, or in the bedroom, all is well.

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Quantum Marketing

What? You Don’t Conduct Customer Surveys?

jim Rubart

Will you humor me for a moment and pretend you run a retail store? Because you do. Like it or not, you’re a business. Your product is books. Your readers are your customers. 

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Character Therapy

Therapeutic Thought on The Therapist’s “Bible”

Jeannie Campbell

Most writers who have been writing for any length of time study the craft. Alongside our favorite fiction titles we have Swain, Maass, Dixon, Collins, Browne & King, and Bellcraft books on our shelves.

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