Daisy Chain

POD And Self-Publishing

Kim Sawyer

A Dream Fulfilled

In June of 2002, something I’d dreamed of since I was a very little girl came true. I became a published author. Holding that book in my hands was the most gratifying experiences of my life to date.

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Meet Donna Moore - Book Club Leader

Nora St.Laurent

Here is a bit about Donna Moore before we begin. Donna Moore lives in the small town of Joshua, Texas where she drinks entirely too many diet cokes and inhales large quantities of dark chocolate. She loves old musicals and Christian romances. She is a wife and the mother of three children who she says makes her laugh more than she ever should. She left teaching

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ECPA Bestseller Lists

Notice it says plural lists! That's right...we have ALL of the ECPA lists now, including their Archives. Check out the latest in hot reading across all Christian spectrums.

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Agent Column

Back to the Drawing Board

Rachelle Gardner

Because I have a blog and I’m active on Twitter, I interact with hundreds of writers (and other agents and publishing professionals) on a daily basis. It helps me stay in touch with the industry, as well as what’s going on in the minds and hearts of the writers out there. One of the situations I come across most often is the difficulty of finding an agent or a publisher and the number of rejections writers receive without ...

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Word For Words

Gatsby’s Music: When the Editing Begins

Adele Annesi

If you’ve never read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, or if you haven’t read it recently, I suggest you read it. You’ll find it has much to teach about when to let your writing soar and when to set it down and self-edit.

I’m glad I didn’t read Gatsby in school because it would have been just another homework assignment instead of a love affair. I still might not have read it had it not been required reading for a writing conference. But what started as an assignment instantly transcended that. Fitzgerald’s voice, his poetry,
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Randy Rooney

Those Pesky Endorsements

Randy Ingermanson

“Whatcha reading?”

I spun around and looked to see who was talking. It was my plumber, Sam, leaning against the doorway of my office, holding in his massive hands the corpse of our former garbage disposal unit. “So, um, how much is that going to cost me?” I asked.

“It cost ya nothing for me to take it out,” Sam said. “And only a couple of hunnert to put in the new one. Probably no big deal for a big-shot author like you, right?”

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Screenwriting 101

C.J. Powers

Raising The Question

The old rooftop in Greek town, with the Chicago skyline for a backdrop, served as a great location for my film project. The shoot was interrupted several times as the “Bat-helicopter” flew overhead, shooting background plates for The Dark Knight. Chicago had once again become the home of Gotham City and, since the production team had...

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