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Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant

Publicity - Everyone Needs It

Facebook Fan Pages to Market Your Work

Now, more than ever, authors are finding clever ways to market their material. One such tools is a Facebook Fan Page. Many people have a Facebook page—if you don’t, shame on you. But not everyone knows about the power of a Facebook Fan page. There are several advantages of having a Fan page. 

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Kristin Billerbeck

ACFW Happenings

Finishing Your Novel

Recently in our ACFW loop, we’ve been discussing finishing your novel and time management. What does it involve to finish a book? Since writers have their own way of working, that answer may be different for everyone, but the point is if you consider yourself a writer, it’s important to finish what you start.

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Track Changes - One Editor's POV

Ramona Richards

Comments, Insertions, and Deletions

“You want me to use what? But I don’t know how to do that! Seriously?” [INSERT: shot of humble acquisition editor wincing and biting tongue.] Okay, you can stop reading now if you are a whiz at Word’s lovely Track Changes feature. If you’re not . . . well . . . why not? Why are you ignoring the one tool that most publishers use in their initial edit of a manuscript, the one thing you can say yes! to that will make you every editor’s friend?

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Terry Burns

Heard It Thru Hartline

When the Manuscript Is Finished

When we are finished writing a book, while everything is hot and fresh in our minds, some vital things need to be prepared that will be used in every step in the process of getting the book represented, published, promoted, and sold. First is the concept sentence, promo sentence, or logline. It is a single short, compelling sentence that tells the main concept of the book. Second is an elevator pitch or cover copy. It is a slightly longer version of the logline, two to three sentences that are used to pitch the book to an agent or editor if we find ourselves with a very brief opportunity to do so.

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Wanda Dyson

Conference Corner

May Conference Corner

It’s finally Spring and that always makes me feel like packing up and heading off to a conference. There’s just something about coming out of a winter funk, shaking off the cold weather hum-drum, mixing with other writers, editors, agents, marketing gurus, and old friends, and getting a fresh start on my writing. Have you been staring at that manuscript and wishing you had some fresh ideas? Or maybe just some inspiration? They’re in abundance at a conference.

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