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Angela Breidenbach is a multi-award-winning inspirational speaker, popular conference presenter, and author of the Gems of Wisdom: For a Treasure-filled Life and the new Kindle release of Creative Cooking for Colitis. Other works by Angela include compilation books and devotionals from Guideposts, Group, and articles in magazines, ezines, and newspapers. She connects missions to her work with Hope’s Promise Orphan Ministries and the Jadyn Fred Foundation. Angela serves as an assisting minister for her congregation in Missoula, Montana. Angela Breidenbach on the web:,, and on Wednesdays each week.  Angela's next book, A Healing Heart, Abingdon Press, releases April 2013

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Angie's Place

A Humble Heart

Remember how the LORD your God led you all the way in the desert these forty years,
to humble you and to test you in order to know what was in your heart,
whether or not you would keep his commands.

                                                                                   -Deuteronomy 8:2 (NIV)

When is that book going to sell? When will they call for a speaking opportunity? When? When? When? The same question the Israelites asked after forty years in the wilderness. They cried out for water, food, and then meat. Never satisfied to wait on the Lord, they complained and complained until the Lord’s anger kindled against them.

Do we cry out like that about our careers? When? When? When? It’s not good enough, Lord. I want more . . . What if getting our desires too soon means being unprepared to handle the fame, fortune, or opportunities?

Watching sports, actors, and, yes, even authors, we find examples of those who cannot manage the sudden onslaught of fame and finances. It’s not about their success. The desperate drive for achievement seems to be followed by a frenzy of spending money on “the good life.” Beyond the wildness comes the entitlement and minimization of others. The grandiose attitude leads to seeing others as peons, or not seeing others at all. Ever meet someone like that?

Entitled “famous” people wear an arrogant attitude. They demand unfaltering, perfect service. Displeasure is written all over their faces and body postures. They tell you but don’t listen to you. The world seems to revolve around their shiny stars. Did they pass God’s test?

How might we pass the heart test?
1. Keep eyes on someone bigger than yourself. Recognize that Jesus is in control, we are not. Recognizing that we’re here for a greater purpose, God’s, takes our eyes off of self.
2. Ask the Lord to help you pass His tests and protect you from stepping out of bounds.
3. Consider someone with admirable abilities but a poor attitude. Consciously watch his/her behavior. Watch the reactions of people around him/her. How do you want to affect people?
4. Consider someone with admirable character. Consciously watch his/her behavior. Watch the reactions of people around him/her. How do you want to affect people?
5. Cultivate a servant heart rather than a self-centered heart. Read Numbers chapter 12 and learn what happened to Miriam and Aaron when they felt entitled by their positions. See what the Lord does when we set ourselves above others and against Him.
6. Cultivate joy in helping others. The sense of fulfillment is irreplaceable.
7. Cultivate the habit of compliments. The surprised, joyful responses are addictive.

Remember the blessings of the Promise Land belonged to those who followed the Lord’s commands, not those who were impatient. Not those who created other gods. Not those who followed after their own pleasure and pursuits. God will test our hearts. We must choose how we react to the circumstances in our lives—our tests. Will we grumble, complain, and push God’s buttons, or will we be found humble and obedient regardless of how long it takes? What will you choose?

Huckleberry Lemonade

Homemade Huckleberry Lemonade with Fruited Lemon Ice Cubes

Huckleberries really do exist. They’re not just a name from Mark Twain’s wonderful books. But since the smaller cousin of the blueberry isn’t available everywhere, feel free to substitute with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, or any other delectable fruit for this fun summer libation.

1 ½ cups sugar
1 cup water
6–7 large lemons
3 large limes
1 ½ cup lemon juice from the fresh lemons
½ cup lime juice from the fresh limes
1 (or more) cup berries
Lemon zest
Lime zest
Reserve ¼ cup of berries (or other fruit)
8 cups of cold water in large clear pitcher (clear to show the beauty)

Directions: Zest all of the lemons and limes. Juice the lemons and limes. In a saucepan make a simple syrup by bringing 1 cup of water, the rinds of the juiced fruit, a tablespoon of the zest, and the sugar to a boil. Once it’s dissolved, turn off heat. Strain into the pitcher.

Pour fresh lemonade into two ice cube trays before adding berries to the pitcher. Use berries from the reserved bunch to drop several into each ice cube. Put ice cube trays into freezer. Use these instead of straight ice to keep lemonade from being watered down.

Smash remaining fruit in a small bowl. Pour fruit and juice into pitcher of lemonade. Pour over ice cubes and serve. Garnish with mint leaves or spirals of citrus rind rolled in sugar.


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