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Kim Ford and Linda Attaway Interview Our Featured Cover Authors
-Kim Alexis and Mindy Starns Clark

Kim Alexis & Mindy Starnes ClarkGod has paired a special and unlikely duo to write Spa Mystery Series! Supermodel, author, and speaker Kim Alexis and best-selling author Mindy Starns Clark have just released Beauty to Die For, an insightful, thrilling tale that will take you into the world of a supermodel who has left the industry, only to face a baffling set of circumstances that threaten to turn her world upside down!

These two ladies are passionate about the work God has called them to, so join me as they share their hearts about their writing this novel and how God orchestrated their work relationship to craft a new series.

Kim, you have had countless opportunities to touch the live of others. What is the most meaningful one?

I guess the biggest difference I can make is to be a good example to my children; to put them before my career; to guide them, pray for them, and be there for them always.

Mindy, how did you come to coauthor a book with Kim Alexis?

The publisher suggested I talk with Kim because she is an avid mystery reader. I liked her immediately, and when I asked her who her favorite authors were, she rattled off some obscure authors you would know only if you really knew mystery. I was completely drawn to the idea of the story, and loved her personality―she was so down-to-earth and real.

I trained as a writer in the mystery world, not in the Christian world, and these are authors I knew about. And then I heard “spa setting.” I’m not a girly girl; if it had been about shoes or handbags, I would not have been interested. But something about spas―I’m so there! I love manicures, massages, facials, and all that kind of stuff! So I was even more interested.

Our very first venture with the book was a research trip to a spa! Tough job but somebody’s got to do it! The three of us―Kim, our editor, Karen, and I―had treatments, hung out, and just soaked in the spa atmosphere. Karen was so cute because she would not let us talk about the book, do any brainstorming, or discuss characters until the third day. I didn’t understand that because that’s what we were there for. Then I finally got it, because the third day we were about to explode with ideas, and I think that was her point, to let it build up a little. And sure enough, on the third day she said, “Now we can talk!” We sat there for hours, threw around ideas, and kept going around and over all aspects of the book. We took notes and when we were done we had fleshed out a whole framework for the characters. Brainstorming was so much fun, and Kim was so good at it because she knows mystery. She’d say “Oh no, no, that’s too Nancy Drew” or “That’s Scooby Doo. We don’t want to do that.”

I had to rewrite certain chapters at least five times, because Kim wanted me to grasp a supermodel’s life in the industry. Those chapters were pivotal to the story. When you are a writing team, you work together until both are satisfied with the end result. The book wouldn’t exist without the work we both poured into the project.

Kim, Beauty to Die For is your first foray into Christian fiction, and your coauthor considers you to have a great knowledge of obscure mystery writers! Where was the idea for this story born, and what has been your favorite part of your coauthoring role?

My favorite part of the book was ducking into Juliette’s mind to discover the reason she left the modeling business. I wanted the reader to understand her thoughts when she was at the top of her modeling career and why she needed to get out


Kim, what have you learned about yourself as a writer through bringing this first piece of fiction to life?

Writing is harder than it sounds; that it is hard to put into words the feelings and emotions behind the actions; to pick apart what drives a character to do what they do.

Mindy, you co-wrote three different books with three different people last year. What did you learn during that process?

They all brought something different to the process of crafting a novel, so each experience was completely different, but very rewarding! I’d heard horror stories about writing with someone, but that has not been my experience at all.

Kim was very much the heart of this novel. Mechanically, I put the sentences down, but it was a joint effort. Kim was fully involved and fast to respond to any question! She was a constant resource for everything, not just the modeling.

Writing is a very lonely occupation, and you don’t realize how lonely until you’ve written with someone else; the deadline was not my deadline but our deadline. It was so much fun to have someone to share all of that with, at every level.

Kim, who is your favorite character in the book? Why?

I would say Juliette, because she feels like a fellow model or sister.

Beauty To Die ForYou have written one nonfiction title. How is writing fiction different from nonfiction? Which do you prefer?

My main goal in both fiction and nonfiction is to encourage women to be their best in whatever God calls them to do.

Mindy, you are currently revising your nonfiction title, The House That Cleans Itself. Will you write more nonfiction in the future?

Yes. I think nonfiction pulls from a different side of my brain.

I’m actually doing a rewrite my biggest-selling book ever, The House that Cleans Itself. It came out a few years ago and I love that book! It was a huge seller, but I always felt like I made it more complicated than it had to be. It’s about housekeeping for people who really stink at housekeeping―like me! I kept thinking there was an easier way to structure what I was trying to say, especially once so many people bought the book, started doing it, and then giving me a lot of feedback.

My publisher wanted to re-release it, but I talked them into letting me rewrite it. It’s the same information, but it’s been reorganized and I added a lot of new material. I say that housekeeping is a talent, but I don’t have that talent so I can’t clean. So I figured out a way to change the house in certain ways so that it’s almost like it cleans itself and I don’t have to clean it anymore. If you read the book, you’ll see that it works! By rewriting the book with a simpler approach, it makes the information more accessible. It comes out next year. I’m having so much fun with it!

I wish I could do one nonfiction for every three or four fiction titles.

Kim, what had God been doing in your life as you have worked on this project?

Teaching me a new level of trust and His timing!!!

Mindy, what about you?

A year ago in April, I tripped and fell, which resulted in a brain injury―a bad one to my left frontal lobe, the word center of the brain. The busiest year of my life, when I had three books to write, I blew out my brain. It was the worst year of my life in that aspect, but God was working out His plan in me. It probably saved my life in a way because I had such bad work habits, was pulling all-nighters, which I shouldn’t do at my age.

The book with Kim is about a woman turning fifty, who asks: “Without my looks, who am I?” so I could relate to that when I was struggling to find words. Suddenly, I totally “got” that character, because I had to answer the question “Who am I?” in my own life. It has slowed me down. God is showing me how to enjoy my life in a whole new way.

Kim, what words of encouragement do you have for your readers?

Don’t envy others by what you perceive from the outside. We all go through struggles. Some have different strengths and weaknesses but all are in a learning process. Never say, “If only I looked like her!!”

Mindy, what do you want your reader’s to know?

Two things: First, I want to entertain you so that you won’t go to sleep at night because you can’t put my book down. Second, I hope to give you stories so good that you will pass them along to both Christian and non-Christian friends. I hope that the story will bring truth and light into some dark places, will comfort, and will answer questions in their lives.


Kim Ford has been a resident of Alabama for more than ten years. Originally from Georgia, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Brenau Women’s College. She has spent the past 9 years in sales and marketing and has been an avid reader of Christian Fiction for more than 20 years. A mother of two teen sons both nearing the end of high school, Kim’s life is full and blessed. She enjoys singing, writing and spending time with her family. She blogs at: Window To My World

Linda Attaway has been an avid reader for as long as she can remember. A reviewer for CFBA and a variety of publishers, her blog, Mocha with Linda, also contains her miscellaneous reflections on life, faith, music, and family. A self-described word enthusiast and grammar geek, she also enjoys proofreading and editing. Linda lives in Texas with her husband and two teenagers and finds joy in serving as her church’s Care Minister. Visit her blog at mochawithlinda.blogspot.com.