Lisa Godfrees

Splickety Sentinel

3 Reasons Story Prompts Are Your Friend

Recently, Dan Barlow of the Steve Laube Agency wrote that “Creativity flourishes inside a fence.” He was talking about social media planning, but it relates to story writing as well.

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Cynthia Ruchti

ACFW Conference

Timeline To-Do List

By this time in June, brides have checked off most of their timeline to-do list notes in preparation for their summer weddings. As we inch closer to the date of the ACFW conference in Nashville late in August (see for more details), what’s left on your timeline to-do list?

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Jeannie Campbell

Character Therapy


A while ago I focused on The Cheapskate, the opposite of a shopaholic. I wanted to call this month’s article “The Spendthrift,” but a cursory Google search showed that most people do not understand spendthrift is synonymous with wastrel or big spender.

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Christa Kinde

Christa Kinde

Angel Unaware: Part Eighteen: Good Listener

Uncle Al stole Daichi and dragged him through a circle of introductions to the members of the Turnquist household, but he eventually returned to Marcus’s side.

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