Glenn Meade

For Writers

Why Writers Write

"Whenever Hollywood buys your novel, don’t be seduced into going to work in LA. Instead just take the money and walk away as fast as you can—and just pray that they don’t turn your beloved book into a musical."

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Genre Happenings

Making It Personal

I remember very clearly the first writer’s critique group I went to over a decade ago. And what I particularly remember is being terrified of what the others in the group would think about the chapter I’d spent so much time polishing to perfection.

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DiAnn Mills

DiAnn Direct

Things Your Mother Told You about Writing

Our mothers are notorious for passing out advice about life. Sometimes their guidelines are appreciated and sometimes not so much. The older we grow, the smarter our mothers become. Quotes from mothers play an inspiring role in the lives of writers.

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Jill Nutter/Jillian Kent

The Well Writer

Do the Next Thing by Pepper Basham

For thirty-five years of my life, I was blessed to know an amazing grandmother. A woman with a generous hand and an even more lavish heart.

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Beth White

Author By Night

Something to Write About

My bio says my day job is “chorus teacher in an inner city high school.” I once tried to quit teaching and just be a writer. Well, twice. Okay, fine—several times.

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