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Life-Transforming Fiction

Edgy Inspirational Fiction

This month I am pleased to bring you our very own edgy, Editor in Chief, Michelle Sutton. In our interview, Michelle shares about everything from her daily writing rituals to her secrets for packing that life-changing quality into her novels.

Dave Meigs

Also known as the Edgy Inspirational Author, Michelle Sutton reads a lot of books and writes reviews for a variety of blogs and Web sites as a media reviewer.

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The Flip Side

God Said So

Thomas Smith

Secular and Christian publishers face similar issues: tight deadlines; print runs; where to put the advertising dollars to get the best returns; how to spot new trends; how to find a real gem in the middle of the slush pile; and how to attract new readers in a sound-bite world.

Even with all the similarities, Christian publishers have a rather unique problem to deal with.

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Fiction Ramblings

I AM NOT OBSESSED—Okay, Maybe a Little

Sara Mills

Bookstores can be dangerous places. Seriously. I have to watch my every move. One false step can change the course of my future. Pick up the wrong book and bam, I’m sunk.

Choosing a book can have long-term consequences. I have to be very careful what I purchase because I have the...

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Rachel's Rubies

Diamonds For Christmas

Rachel Hauck

The other day, while walking my cute little dog, I met a young man waiting for the bus. He said hi; I said hi. Dog did her business. (I’m just painting a picture here.)

He sat on the bench, a folder and old-looking book on his lap.

“What are you reading?” I asked.

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Mad Marketing Genius

How to Promote a Small Press Published Book

Karen Wiesner

If you’re a small-press published author, your marketing strategies have to be drastically different from those of a mass-market published author, and even when you promote aggressively, sales may be low. You’ll have a harder road to getting your name and work out to the buying public.

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Fiction International

Writer, Eh?

Bonnie Grove

Let’s get it out on the table straight off: I’m Canadian.

There. I said it. Now I’ll sit back and give the American’s time to nod thoughtfully, smile, and say, “That’s okay,” and “Oh, I’ve been to Montreal! Do you know Bob? Bob from Montreal?”

Probably not.

If you ask an American, any American, what they think of Canada and Canadians, they smile...

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