Daisy Chain

A Taste Of Fame
Joyce Magnin

Real Life Is Stranger

Frosty Visits The Holy FAmily

This is my favorite time of the year. Christmas is approaching, and we all know what that means—that’s right, lawn decorations! I love to watch otherwise lovely suburban properties transform into festive, winter wonderlands. Oh, the joy of watching homeowners string lights, some blinking, some not, all over their houses. To blink or...

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Book Trailers

A Book Trailer to Deliver Punch, Passion, and Promotion

Tammy Barley

Windows Movie Maker—is there a 12-step program to overcome an addition to it? No? Well then, all I have to do is write novels fast enough to...

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Special Giveaway

B&H Book Group

B&H Publishing Group has a Giveaway!

This December B&H has four great books to keep you busy on cold winter days.

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Loree Lough

Loree's Lough Down

When NO Rhymes with HAS-BEEN

If you’re like me, you hate sitting idly while editors and/or agents consider the merits of your latest work. And if you’re like me, you troll the Internet in search of freelance-type writing jobs that’ll net enough in spendable cash to keep the wolf from the door.

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Caroline Friday

Made For Movies

The Wedding Machine

The Wedding Machine tells the story of four Southern matriarchs in the low-country town of Jasper, South Carolina, who take great pride in ensuring that every local bride is married in the highest of Southern style. Ray, the practical organizer, Kitty B, the food specialist, Hilda, the wealthy blue blood, and Sis, the meticulous

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