Life-Transforming Fiction

Life-Transforming Christian Fiction

Dave Meigs

Is it just me, or does Christmas come just a little bit sooner with each passing year? Not that I’m getting old or anything, mind you. Don’t let this gray hair fool you; I’m still young at heart. When I look in the mirror, I still see a young, fit and trim, thirty-something-year-old version of myself. It is only after I put on the reading...

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Fiction Rants

Burn by Linda Howard

John Perrodin

Have you ever picked up a novel, and by the end of the prologue, opening, or first chapter, you heartily dislike, nay, even loathe the hero?

It can happen anywhere, with any genre. For example, the Western in which the alleged hero shoots a stray dog and visits

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Rachel Hauck

Rachel's Faces, Tweets and Spaces

Mr. Watson, Come Here. I Need You.

We’re fickle people. Especially where technology is concerned. Fashion is no longer the object of the term that was so last year.

In the ’70s it was the 8-track tape until we held our first cassette. Rolling into the ’80s, we loved our Tandy until Bill Gates showed us what a computer could be with his Windows operating system.

We loved e-mail until texting became the trend. MySpace bowed a bit to Facebook. Twitt

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Quantum Marketing

Do Book Trailers Work?

jim Rubart

John Wannamaker, department store magnate (and inventor of the price tag) said, “I know fifty percent of my advertising works. If only I knew which fifty percent it was.”

Even with the advent of Google... 

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All About YA

2009 Award Winners

Jill Williamson

We’ve reached the end of 2009, and I thought I’d take a look at the books that won special awards this year. There are a lot of contests out there, but I’m highlighting three prestigious awards that accept inspirational young adult fiction novel...

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