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A Different Christmas

“I’m sorry, Mom. I’ll miss you all, too.” Carlotta hoped it would be enough, but her mom wouldn’t let it go.

“You’ve flown back home every year since you moved to Nashville. Surely Tamas would understand if you explain it to him.”

Carlotta wiped a tear as it escaped down her cheek. “Mom, I don’t like it any more than you do, but—”

“If you have to be with them on Christmas Eve, you can still spend Christmas Day with us. It’s only fair.”

“Mom, we’ve talked about this. They’re in Chicago and you’re in New York. It’s impossible for us to combine trips. We spent Thanksgiving with you. I promise, next year we’ll be with you for Christmas, and we’ll spend Thanksgiving with them. It just can’t be helped...I love you, too…Bye.”

Well, that did it. Her favorite time of year ruined. Peace on earth? Not for her. Not this year.

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