Rachel Hauck

Best-selling author and award winning author Rachel Hauck lives in central Florida with her husband and loving pets. She earned a B.A. degree in Journalism from Ohio State University and spent seventeen years in the corporate software world before leaving to write full time. Rachel loves to teach and mentor writers.

She is a Book Therapist at www.MyBookTherapy.com, a daily craft blog and community for writers. In the past, Rachel is the president of American Christian Fiction Writers and now servers on the Advisor Board. Visit her blog and web site at www.rachelhauck.com.

Dodging Raindrops

I like imagining running down a rain-drenched sidewalk, jumping cracks and dodging raindrops. It reminds me of the innocence of childhood.

Recently I spent the day with lovely friends and authors brainstorming a story for one, setting goals for all. Since I was new to the party, I sat back waiting to hear what the others had to share, trying to come up with one or two bullet points for myself. Just what were my goals for 2010?

I didn’t think “Survive deadline” really counted. Seemed like more of a necessity than a goal. “Make more money” seemed too intangible. Who doesn’t want to make more money? “Write brilliantly”? Not really a goal, goal. More like a pipe dream.

Finally, when my friends turned to me to share, I confessed, “I have one goal. Follow Jesus, pursuing and loving Him.”

As I look back over my life as a way to predict my futureif possibleevery major decision, move, and/or opportunity came when I surrendered: “Lord, I give up; You do it.”

Post-college, I had a revelation that I’d be miserable if I didn’t focus on God, trust Him, and let Him lead me. The grass would always be greener. Another job would look more fascinating. Perhaps that man would make a better husband than the one I would choose. The list of possible discontent was endless.

So I left it to the Lord. I’m happy to declare He’s never failed me. He’s called me to good. I don’t have to promote myself. He opens doors and promotes me. In His time.

Conversely, losing weight or going to the gym don’t work quite the same way. Even following God requires personal discipline and dedication. When God opened for me, it required that I show up. Not one book has written itself. It took me with butt in chair, meeting word-count goals, becoming familiar with the word no.

But even in that, He meets me. When I first joined the board of American Christian Fiction Writers, my plate overflowed. I worked full time as a software project manager. I lead worship and a multichurch prayer ministry. I was writing my first contracted book.

And tipping my plate was the task of organizing ACFW’s second annual conference. S-T-R-E-S-S. I had no idea what I was doing.

My conference committee was spread across the country. The hotel was in Houston. I felt like I was peering into a black hole. Never mind that I’d never organized a national conference.

I woke up at night, panicked, picturing all the people I would be letting down. Finally, I said, “Lord, You have a conference to organize. Let me know what You need me to do.” Without fail, peace came.

The Lord sent labors like Allison Wilson to help, and others who did more than their share of work. To this day, that conference is one of my favorites because there was such an air of grace and peace.

As you go into this New Year, fresh with hope, starting with a clean slate, seek God. Trust Him to place you exactly where He wants and needs you to be. He is so good. He has prepared good works for each of us to walk in.

It’s true. Seek first the kingdom of God and all the other stuff will be added.

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