Daisy Chain
Angela Breidenbach

Angie's Place

Loving Valentine

Nine Bible verses command us to love our neighbors as ourselves. There’s no change between Old Testament and New Testament in the command. Over and over we’re told to love our neighbors as ourselves. The Ten Commandments are near the top of the list for important biblical topics. But this command is...

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Caroline Friday

At the Movies

The King's Speech

Colin Firth fans and British royal family enthusiasts, prepare yourself for a fabulous film that has already garnered a Golden Globe win for best actor. Best known for his role as the romantic Mr. Darcy in the BBC presentation of Pride and Prejudice, as well as the love...

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Loree Lough

Loree's Lough Down

To Outline Or Not

So the Christmas decorations are stored away and the mini Valentine’s Day flag is flying on my front porch, and I’m still writing 2010 on my checks. Sheesh. My biggest complaint this time of year is directed at Mother Nature: Choose a season and stick with it, ya loony ol’ bat, cuz this see-sawing between winter and spring is driving me (and my crocuses) nuts! In all fairness to Ma Nature, she’s been around awhile. Maybe menopause has set in, and the crazy mood...

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Joyce Magnin

Real Life Is Stranger

Dream On

I like American Idol. There, I admit it. This week’s episodes were pretty good, maybe even the best in three years. Not so much because of the, um, “talent” but because of the judges. I mean there were a few young people with great pipes, and I still think a lot of the really ridiculous auditions are more for shock value than anything else, but it’s fun to watch. I was a little disturbed at first when I heard that Steven Tyler was going to be a judge. I thought, Oh brother, another rocker sold out to the man, to the masses All of a sudden this unabashed, big-lipped, pulsating..

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