Proof of Heaven


Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant

Publicity - Everyone Needs It

What Is SEO?

You may have seen or even heard of SEO, but perhaps you thought it didn’t pertain to you, so it went in one ear and out the other; however, even as an author, SEO is very important, and it can do wonders for marketing your work. SEO stands for search engine optimization. In laymen terms, it means that with the proper search engine optimization, potential buyers will be able to find your work—more so than without SEO.

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Cara Putman

ACFW Happenings

Awards: Will You Participate?

It’s that time of year: contest season. Whether you’re an aspiring writer or already published, ACFW offers contests you want to be sure to enter. The Carol Award, named in honor of Carol Johnson, is for published authors, while the Genesis Award is for yet-to-be-published authors.

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Track Changes - One Editor's POV

Ramona Richards

Are You a Cyfarwyddion?

Don’t worry about looking up that word. I’ll get to the meaning in a minute. Recently, one of the Abingdon authors, Krista Phillips, posted a blog about marketing and the inner conflicts we sometimes have about selling our own work. As Christians, we are taught to embrace humility and to reject bragging, especially about ourselves. Yet we also believe that God has gifted us with unique voices and hearts for telling great...

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Terry Burns

Heard It Thru Hartline

What Does The Future Hold?

Starting a new year seems like a good time to look back over the past year and see how it shook out. This month marks my ten-year anniversary with Hartline, five years as an agent. Prior to my joining Hartline, I was involved in writing and publishing (primarily business oriented) for some twenty years, before I turned to writing fiction and recognized the need for an agent.

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Janice Hanna Thompson

Supplementing Your Habit

Over, Not Under

Welcome to February! Let’s continue a teaching I started last month on GOALS. In my last article we covered the letter G (Go for the Gusto). This month we’ll dive into the letter O (Over, Not Under). Let me start by talking about the hurdles we all face as writers. Some are financial, others emotional. Some are time related, others are related to talent, or the lack thereof. Whenever we come up against hurdles, we need to have the right perspective to make it over them.

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