Book of Days

Dave Meigs

Life-Transforming Fiction

Writing to the Lost

I wasn’t raised in church. In fact, my family never attended church together, not even once. As a kid, the only times I ever heard God mentioned at all was in my father’s angry expletives. I was sixteen years old before I learned the reason Jesus died upon the cross two thousand years ago. We were a family of heathens; and yet, despite my not knowing the Lord Jesus...

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Deborah Anderson

Diary Of A Crazy Writer

Hidden Treasures

Are you looking for something new and exciting to read? If you are, I have good news for you. I recently discovered some hidden treasures. As I read on Twitter last night (yes, I finally joined; can you believe it?), I came across a post by a fellow Tweeter: “Best 20 Christian Fiction of 2011: African-American.”

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jim Rubart

Quantum Marketing

How to―and How Not to―Sign Books

In September of ’07, I stood in line at a writer’s conference, waiting to get a book signed by an author who had become a friend. We’d talked in depth at a two conferences and had exchanged a number of e-mails.

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Jeannie Campbell

Character Therapy

Manipulating Your Readers with Backstory

I’d like to start with a story from my day job. It was around 10:30, and I had just received the nebulous news from a potential client that she wanted to “talk to me.” “Okay,” I said, and scheduled her in for 2:00. I must admit that I was curious. I’d seen her walk by my office several times, peeking in my window, giving me a hesitant smile.

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Jeannie Campbell

She Reads

Joy for Beginners by Erica Bauermeister

Our February selection at She Reads is Joy for Beginners by Erica Bauermeister. Part novel, part collection of related short stories, this book is one to pick up if you want to see a writer flex her craft muscles. Erica Bauermeister is a gifted writer who is a joy (pun intended) to read.

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