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It's Not About Him
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It's Not About Him

What are people saying about Michelle Sutton's debut novel, It's Not About HIM
"Sutton has hit her stride with book two in the Second Glances series! Written in the same gritty, authentic style as her debut novel, fans will delight in the continuation of Susie's story. There's no sophomore slump here! Filled with finely drawn characters colliding with timeless truths, the prose is taut and rife with tension. Sutton proposes her signature honest answers to heart-wrenching questions. Not to be attempted without a box of tissues. Well worth the read! You won’t put this one down until you finish the last page."
Siri Mitchell, author
"Michelle Sutton has quickly established herself as a writer unafraid--of painting realistic pictures of life today, and the challenges young people face living in it... It's Not About Him does not disappoint, but keeps readers glued to the drama that explores the challenges of Christian living in today’s world."
Tosca Lee, author
"Michelle Sutton's "It's Not About..." books are not only entertaining, involving stories, they are ones that deal with the spiritual and emotional issues many teens face on a daily basis. While never glorifying sin, they show the roller coaster of ethical and moral choices humans face, and point the reader toward a closer relationship with the Lord. In my youth pastoring days, these would've been books I recommended to my group without embarrassment."
Eric Wilson, author
"It's Not about Him is edgy Christian fiction at its best! Michelle Sutton is not afraid to journey into the rich and deep emotional landscapes of the heart as Jeff and Susie learn how to love each other, themselves, and God. A true testament to the power of sacrificial love and the redemptive love of our Father, it is impossible to read It's Not About Him and come away the same..."
Amy from My Friend Amy
"There's an authenticity that brilliantly shines through in Michelle Sutton's storytelling, first with her fantastic debut It's Not About Me, and now with her equally engaging sophomore effort, It's Not About Him. Instead of settling for pat answers and generic spiritual takeaway, Sutton's writing explores the very real (and often neglected) subject matter that can't help but resonate with her young adult readers. Yet in the midst of all these heart-wrenching struggles (and trust me, this book is filled with them!), there are glorious shades of God's grace that ultimately point to the true Hope..."
Christa A. Banister, author
"Michelle Sutton writes with realism and honesty about issues facing young adults in today's world. The struggles aren't easy, because life today is rarely easy. But a thread of spiritual hope runs throughout It's Not About Him, as real as the hope that keeps us going in the midst of life's hard circumstances."
Virginia Smith, author
"... As in her debut novel, It's Not About Me, Sutton loves her lead characters enough to let them make mistakes and bad decisions. But the lessons learned are numerous and edifying. One would expect teen readers to see the book as both a cautionary tale and a message of hope when circumstances seem too dark to overcome."
Trish Perry, author
"...Pop culture gives answers to these questions that offer little true hope. Sutton is a voice against the tide of cynicism and dead end solutions. Real issues. Real scenarios. Real hope. That is the heart of It's Not About Him."
Jim Rubart, author
"Ms. Sutton's done it again with another poignant story for today's youth... With great finesse and sensitivity, Ms. Sutton addresses timely issues...all wrapped up in a colorful and heart-rending story of two young lovers who must not only battle their own abusive pasts and insecurities as they struggle to maintain a strong faith in God, but learn to open their hearts to love again, despite many obstacles and temptations....Ms. Sutton brings the story full circle, leaving the reader more than satisfied."
MaryLu Tyndall
"It's Not About Him once again shows that Michelle Sutton is not afraid to make us fall in love with characters that are as flawed and real as we want to pretend we're not. A relevant and gritty must-read for older teens and adults alike!"
Barb Huff, ON TOUR series
"The thing that's so great about Michelle Sutton is that she isn't afraid to be real. It's Not About Him is a gripping story about two people struggling to make right choices despite their past mistakes.... I pray these books will change lives. I'm looking forward to book three."
Jill Williamson, author
"From the first sentence in It's Not About Him, Michelle Sutton captures the emotions of her characters and makes you care about them. With her unique and honest voice, Michelle delivers another compelling story that confronts some of the toughest issues facing teens today."
Melanie Dobson, author
"...I loved their relationship and how these new Christians fight to stay true to their faith as they face life-altering decisions. A must read, not only for young adults, but for all adults."
Kathleen Fuller, author
"Authentic and confronting, emotive and compelling, Michelle Sutton's It's Not About Him takes the reader on a journey of heartache and hope... Despite the difficult subject matter, hope and forgiveness lie at the heart of this novel, offering today's young adults the promise of a restored heart and mind through a relationship with Jesus. It's Not About Him is a brave and riveting story."
Rel Mollet of Relzreviewz
"...This is a riveting story that directs the reader to a God of forgiveness... Don't miss It's Not About Him. It's an education onto itself!"
Sharlene MacLaren, author