Annie's Truth

Dave Meigs

Life-Transforming Fiction

Genres That Change Lives, Part 1

What genres do you love to write? The answer is likely the same as what you enjoy reading the most. For me, that would be historical novels that focus on the life and times of the pioneers who first came to our nation (USA), and those who later pushed on, ever westward. Of such tales, I would be content to spend the rest of my days clicking away on the keyboard. Ah, that would be the life.

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Deborah Anderson

Diary Of A Crazy Writer

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder

Are you discouraged with your writing? Does it feel as though you’re climbing an endless ladder, trying to break your way into this industry? Does loneliness overwhelm you? If you’re experiencing any of the above, I have good news for you. You are not alone. A man named Jacob endured similar situations. “And he lighted upon a certain place, and tarried there all night, because the sun was set; and he took of the stones of that place, and put them for his pillows, and lay down in that place to sleep” (Gen. 28:11 KJV).

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jim Rubart

Quantum Marketing

Marketing with the Power of Honesty

Have you seen the movie The Family Man? It’s a fave of mine and I watched it again the other day. In the bonus materials there’s a deleted scene where Jack (Nicholas Cage) is introduced to a potential customer. This business man is looking for a parts supplier. The man asks Jack, “Why should I partner with you?” Jack looks at him and says, “I have no idea. We’re a Mom and Pop operation...

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Jeannie Campbell

Character Therapy

Finding Nemo: A Therapeutic Analysis

Anyone with a toddler knows that animated movies are now a part of your life. But perhaps only someone like myself looks at these movies through a therapeutic lens. Finding Nemo is one of my daughter’s favorites. As an occupational hazard, I began to point out all the therapeutic issues the characters displayed, especially those in the fish tank. They might as well be representative of an in-patient psychiatric population:

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