Kingdom by Bryan Litfin

Daniel Blackaby

Author Interview

Daniel Blackaby

Daniel Blackaby is a fourth-generation writer who has a unique, strong, and challenging faith and whom God has blessed with a contract for a fantasy fiction trilogy! His debut fiction title, Legend of the Bookkeeper, is an introduction to a fast-paced thrill ride of adventure. It is a true pleasure to offer you an opportunity to learn more about this very talented young man.

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Kelly Klepfer

Novel Reviews

Great Book Reviews for May

Liberator by Bryan Davis

Echoes of Titanic by Mindy Starns Clark &                                                               John Campbell Clark

                                 Moe by Jim Hamlett

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Nora St. Laurent


Kira's Cottage Book Club

I first met Kira when we spoke at a conference downtown Atlanta this past January. We were talking about my favorite topic: book clubs. Kira is the owner of Kira’s Cottage in Franklin, Indiana, and for a few years she has run a book club out of her store, where the meetings are held once a month.

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Dee Stewart

Multicultural Fiction

Miranda Parker

I am a Christian, but I do not write for Christian booksellers. I write for a large mainstream publisher based in New York that doesn’t mention glorifying God and edifying the body of Christ in its mission statement; however, I write about my private conversations with God and my personal victories because of Him. In my new novel, Someone Bad and Something Blue, my main character, Angel Crawford, searches for two things: a hit man to kill a young mom, and someone from her past threatening her school-age daughter.

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Nancy Moser



“I think we’re right about . . . here.” It was a time before GPS. I held a map of Maine toward my husband, pointing at a road that would save us hours by taking us through, not around, the woods that swallow the middle of the state. When we’re on vacation, we like to explore off roads. But little did we know that this particular off-road was the most off road we’d ever experience.

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