Dave Brollier

David Brollier is a husband, father and grandfather, a retired correctional officer, current library clerk and licensed minister. He is the author of The 3rd Covenant, ,a detective novel. He currently has another novel that he’s finishing up, and several other projects. David Brollier is co-founder and coordinator for the Christian Fiction Review Blog, and a member of Deadly Ink, Crime Scene Writers and several Yahoo groups

Rescue Ship, Sinking Vessel, or Floating Raft

Mention your book, the plot, and the characters, and people start to show interest. Tell them it’s put out by Publish America, and suddenly you’re talking to thin air. A lot of negative rumors are running around about PA. I’m not really here to defend Publish America as much as to explain away some of the myths and give you personal insights I’ve had working with them.

3rd Covenant

Rescue Ship

Publish America is a rescue ship for certain authors, which is one of the marks against the company. “They’ll publish anything,” some people have written me. Well, not exactly true, although close. If you aren’t sure about your writing, you don’t need a rescue ship. You need it critiqued and to do some rewriting, maybe a lot of rewriting. Publish America may publish a work that hasn’t been polished, as they did mine, and that can hurt you rather than help. Beware of “rescue ships.”

Sinking Vessel

Others point to Publish America as a POD press and not a legitimate publisher. These same people also charge that PA will publish anything. The truth is most publishers use POD (print on demand) technology because it is more cost effective. Other considerations is the suggested retail price is usually very high, competitively speaking, and you only get about five free copies, barely enough to thank your reviewers and certainly not enough to help with marketing. However, I would argue against PA’s being a sinking vessel. You have to realize what their limitations are.

Floating Raft

Perhaps the best analogy I can give is that Publish America provides unknown writers with a “floating raft.” It is neither sinking nor a true rescue ship, but it does get authors’ names and their work out on a large scale. In this sense, Publish America can be a useful tool. Like a raft, you can use Publish America to stay afloat and to get your name recognized while waiting for your ship to come in.

Points to Ponder

Publish America is not, I repeat not, a self-publishing company. They are not considered a simple POD publisher. They have their own press. Publish America has a contract with several chains, including Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Borders. And, with Barnes & Noble at least, they do have a buy-back policy, something many other publishers don’t have; however, they tend to be more than a bit pricey (my 300-plus page novel retails for $24.95, while I’ve seen comparable novels selling for $10 or less). They do have a “fast track” publishing option, meaning you can opt to skip the editorial process and go right to press. This is something I would caution against unless you are absolutely certain your book is without any mistakes.

You are will run into problems with the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) because Publish America does not meet their standards. As such, it may be difficult to get your book toured. Some places will tour your book and some fabulous writers, such as Michelle Sutton, will help open doors for you even then. Just remember, it’s not a ship you’ll be on, just a raft, a temporary solution. Viewing it as anything more than that can be costly.

And now the commercial: Michelle said I could push my book here, so I’m not going to pass up on that. Every little bit helps.

The 3rd Covenant by David Brollier opens with the bayonet murder of a Catholic priest in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Detective Nat Adams and CSI May K. Wish are called in to solve the case. This murder is but the beginning of a purge that seems to be orchestrated by an ex-convict who started his own cult, the Church of the 3rd Covenant. As the death toll mounts, Nat Adams struggles with his Christianity. When the Bishop makes things personal, Nat’s temper is tested. Nat and May must race to solve the crime and find the murderer before he kills again.

This Christian-based book is a fast-action ride with some interesting side notes. It has been called “CSI meets Jackie Chan” and “CSI meets Law and Order.” A.P. Fuchs, author of Axiom-man, says, “David Brollier is hard-core.” If you like a mystery, you will love The 3rd Covenant (just ask Michelle).