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Healing On A Park Bench

Today of all days, couldn’t God have seen fit to give her a break? All Maggie wanted was to have the old park bench—her sanctuary—to herself.

An unfamiliar woman occupied the weathered seat beneath the towering maple tree. The bench where Maggie and Tony shared secrets from the time they were eight until the day she turned twenty. The bench where they talked of changing the world. And the bench where Tony broke her heart with news that he was leaving college to change the world—without her.

Maggie slid onto the end of the wooden slats. Maybe the woman would leave if Maggie opened her Bible. The stranger glanced over and then turned to watch a young boy about the age of Maggie’s second graders. Ducks raced along the sparkling river in front of them, snapping up chunks of bread the youth tossed.

“Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

Maggie looked up—not remembering a word she’d read—into eyes as soft and damp as green moss, freshly rained upon. Her smile, though timid, was genuine.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you. I was just sitting here praying, then you show up with a Bible.” She brushed hair the color of corn silk back from her face and swiped a tear from the corner of her eye. “Maybe it’s a sign.”

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Not By Chance

“Thanks for shopping at Dress Palace, Mrs. Winters.” I smile at our customer and hand over her package. “See you next time.”

I love my job. I’ve been with Dress Palace for four years. Two years ago, I was promoted to assistant manager. Along with an increase in pay, I enjoy other perks like medical and dental benefits, quarterly bonuses, and paid holidays.

The thing I like least about my job is that most of our customers are women. The few men who do come in buy something for either their wives or girlfriends. Eligible bachelors don’t hang around here. And it doesn’t help that I’m twenty-eight and still single—and looking.

A rich, warm male voice interrupts my thoughts. “Can you help me find a dress that’s suitable for office wear and social occasions? I’m buying a birthday gift for a very special lady.”

His girlfriend, I guess. The attractive man standing before me is a good head and shoulders taller than me; he’s probably in his early thirties. He has wavy, dark brown hair and striking blue eyes.

I smile. “Of course I can help. Any particular color or style of dress you’re looking for?”

“Karin likes hot pink and teal. And she likes floral prints.”

“Wonderful! It shouldn’t be hard to find something. What size are you looking for, sir?”

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Fossil Hunter