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A literary journalist and publicist since 2003, Dee Stewart's writings have appeared in Precious Times, Romantic Times Magazines, Spirit Led Woman and on The Master's Artist Blog. Her work focuses on fiction, popular culture, media and their relationship to people who live according to a Christian worldview. Dee Stewart is the owner of DeeGospel PR, a Christian entertainment PR boutique located in Atlanta, GA where she lives. Visit her Christian Fiction Blog, which turned 5 years old in July at, keep up with her current projects at, talk to in real-time on Twitter at @deegospel.

Summer Reading

Outside of Christmas time my best reading time is the summer. I search high and low for good diverse reads both large and small. However, the past three years i’ve been blessed to receive recommendations from bookclub Back On Murderpresidents, bookstores, and my blog community. I wish to share them with you. Be advised: regardless of your culture these books are universal for anyone to enjoy across denominational divides and ethnicity.

1. Back on Murder. Bertrand’s crime novel introduces us to one of the most compelling characters of the the year, the city of Houston, Texas. It’s diverse and rich culture, various ethnic enclaves and a missing girl to find, makes Bertrand’s pitch perfect prose a summer getaway without leaving your bed (Bethany House, July 2010.)

Flaws And All

2. Flaws and All. Sex in the City meets Waiting to Exhale meets Christ. Four girlfriends rely on their faith and each other during one of the most transformative year of their lives. If you like the sisterhood of Sex in the City less the Sex and up the sass, then Burton’s book is sure to please. (Urban Christian, July 2010)

The Poet Prince

3.The Poet Prince. My BOB of the summer (480 pages) McGowan’s The Poet Prince. I get to travel to Florence and talk Botticelli and Mary Magdalene all in one. McGowan never disappoints. They way she weaves in biblical history with myth, romance and intrigue screams great summer read.

4. My beach bag, two pack, Two Parables Modernized: PatDestined SamsonHaley’s Destined inspired by Kings: David and Solomon) and Jacquelin Thomas’ Samson. Both of these stories have romantic male protagonists, something i like. These two books are my book version of McDreamy and McGreen Eyes.

The Mailbox

5. The Mailbox. Mary Beth Whalen’s The Mailbox just look like a great summer read. Doesn’t it? The fact that it’s setting is the Carolina coast makes it an even juicer read for me. But the writing…David C. Cook always awes me with the caliber of great writers in their pockets. Think Nicholas Spark/a Sandra Bullock movie type'/ something special. Kudos.

6. Nursing a Grudge. Chris well. Two words. Chris Well. Well’s dryNursing A Grudge humor and great storytelling makes this cozy mystery summer fresh. Earl Walker is content being a reclusive old geezer until two attractive women coerce into attending a clandestine party and witnesses a partygoer’s demise. How can it be that no one but Earl believes this was a murder? Can he find the truth—along with a little help from a beautiful lady

Awkward Grace7. Awkard Grace. My first Ebook mention in my summer best is Jeff McCord’s compelling . In the small African nation of Burundi, a government incited massacre makes Mevin Ntwari a refugee. In the hills of East Tennessee, a reluctant sense of duty compels Ben Bellamy to lead his church's outreach committee. And somewhere between these two events faith inspires an unlikely connection. A sweet and compelling story. Visit to learn more about obtaining this book. Holy Rollers

8. Holy Rollers. If you haven’t read a ReShonda Tate Billingsleynovel, here’s your invitation. Three best friends and former ballers girlfriends are searching for good men, literally…ministers. It’s funny, romantic and the kind of conversion story that works very well.

Sins OF The Mother9. Sins of the Mother. For those of you, who need a summer drama to take to the beach, Victoria Christopher Murray has written a story that will challenge your notion of forgiveness. Jasmine Larson Bush is back, but this time drama free, or so we hope. The moment she has finally gotten comfortable in her shoes as the first lady of one of the largest churches in New York City, her daughter Jacqueline is kidnapped. As the days pass and the signs of hope wane will Jasmine lose her faith in God and her marriage again?

The Falling Away

10. The Falling Away. My last read of the summer is my buddy T. L. Hines' The Falling Away. Native America Dylan Runs Ahead is always running away until now. I wonder what makes me him stop to face his demons? Hines won’t disappoint.