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Donald James Parker is a rebel with a cause and is the author of nine novels, seven of which he considers culture-flash fiction. His goal is to promote God's kingdom and tear down strongholds of the enemy while he provides entertainment. He writes for The Christian Pulse, Examiner.Com, and The ebooks of all his novels are available for free download from his website at All of Don's books promote sexual purity, but two are especially focused on that topic - Love Waits and Homeless Like Me. The novels that attack the theory of human evolution include More Than Dust in the Wind, All the Voices of the Wind, and All the Fury of the Wind. Reforming the Potter's Clay is an attack on the occult. All the Stillness of the Wind is a spiritual odyssey which spotlights cheap grace and lukewarm living.

Self-Publishing An E-Book

Carrie Turansky, a published author who self-pubbed an ebook, shares her insights with this process.

First, be sure your book is ready for publication! Some authors jump in with the first book they have written, and they haven’t put in enough time to learn the skills needed to craft a well-written novel. Join ACFW; connect with a critique group; take online classes; write two, three, or four books. Then when you think you have a well-crafted novel, hire a freelance editor who will not just proofread but give you guidance for any changes that need to be made before you publish.

Your cover needs to look professional and be attractive to readers. Hire a professional graphic artist rather than doing it yourself or having your neighbor who took an art class in college do it for you. People do judge a book by its cover! A poorly designed cover announces the book is self-published and may turn readers away from buying your book. You also need to write great descriptions of your story that will grab readers’ attention. These will be posted at online retail Websites, and that’s all the reader will know about your story. Study back-cover copy and online descriptions of other books to learn this skill.

Promotion is vital for any self-published author. I have some readers who are interested in my next book, but most know about me and my books because they are in the Love Inspired book club, or they like Barbour novellas. So building my individual name/brand as an author is something I am working on.

You have to get the word out in a lot of creative ways to reach new readers and alert previous readers that you have a new book available. I’ve created an e-newsletter using the Mad Mimi Website. I send it out to about 900 subscribers every other month and whenever I have a new release. (Let me know if you’d like to see a sample copy for ideas on creating a newsletter.) Mad Mimi is easy to work with. I also updated my Website with information about the new book and added easy ordering links. I recruited influencers through my connections at ACFW and through Facebook friends.

I gave these people a free copy of my book using a Smashwords coupon. If they like the book, I ask them to review it, feature it on a blog, tell friends, post on Facebook and Twitter, and do anything else they can to influence others. I’ve posted some reviews on my Facebook page and announced the launch in groups I belong to online. I tried a Facebook advertisement for a few days. I watched my Website Google analytics (statistics), which showed that the ad did not seem to help sales much, so I stopped it. I contacted several bloggers and have scheduled interviews over the next month. I hope these ideas will spread the word about Surrendered Hearts.

Making sure your book is ready for publication and then creating a plan to promote it are key to your success as a self-published ebook author. I hope these ideas will help you as you consider publishing your ebook.

Why did you decide to self-publish an ebook when you are a published author with many traditionally published books?

The world of publishing is quickly changing, and I want to ride the wave of the future! Ebook sales have jumped dramatically in the last year, and it’s now possible for authors to load their own books at Amazon and other online ebook distribution companies at no cost. I did hire a freelance editor, and I paid to have a beautiful cover designed, but those were the only expenses in

creating Surrendered Hearts as an ebook. My husband is skilled with formatting, so he assisted me in that way. That low cost in creating the book is why I can offer it for $2.99 and actually receive more per book than if it was sold through a traditional publisher for $5.50. I also hope that makes it easier for more readers to purchase the book as well.

I wrote Surrendered Hearts a few years ago as a sequel to my first novel, Along Came Love. I submitted it to two publishers, but with no success. Because it is about 60,000 words, it was not long enough to be considered by most CBA publishers who like novels to be about 80,000. But I love this story, and I wanted to make it available to my readers.

Every woman wants to know what makes her truly beautiful, and that is the question my heroine, Jennifer Evans, must wrestle with as she recovers from being burned in a fire at her apartment after a gas pipeline explodes. Jennifer was born into a loving Christian family, but at fifteen, after the death of her parents in a car accident, she closed her heart to God. Sent to live with relatives who resented her, Jennifer searched for approval and acceptance by focusing on perfecting her appearance and excelling in dance, music, and acting. The spiritual truths her parents taught her continually tug at her heart, but she cannot reconcile them with the painful loss of her parents and the explosion and fire that altered her appearance and sent her fiancé running. So she heads to Vermont to stay with her brother and try to rebuild her shattered life.

If you enjoy heartwarming inspirational romance, I hope you check out Surrendered Hearts. If you don’t own an ereader, you can download a free program from Amazon so you can read it on your computer. There are a lot of free and low-cost ebooks available.

Here is the link to Amazon and the link to Smashwords where you can download a sample chapter or formats for other ereaders like Nook, Sony Reader, iPad, etc.:

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