How Huge The Night
Kathi Macias

Author Interview

Kathi Macias

Find out what God has called you to do—and then do it with all your heart. Kathi Macias is doing just that—following God with all her heart! God has allowed Kathi to write many books, both fiction and nonfiction, and He has given her a powerful series entitled Extreme Devotion. Kathi has taken a look at God’s grace and mercy through the eyes of those persecuted for their faith. Be encouraged and challenged to exercise extreme devotion in your own faith as you visit with Kathi Macias!

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Kelly Klepfer

Reviewers Corner

Three Reviews

See what Kelly has for you this month!

Undercurrent by Michelle Griep

Homemade Haunting by Rob Stennett

Airel by Aaron Patterson, Chris White

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Dee Stewart

Multicultural Fiction

Seven Authors on Faith, Fiction, and Summer Retreats

Summer is for relaxation and reading; however, for authors it can be the busiest time of the year. With book releases, tours, conferences, festivals, and conventions, summer book season can become stressful. Therefore some writers gather together for solace and fellowship before the season slips away. The Faith and Fiction Retreat offers that and more. 

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Nancy Moser


The Rules Of Restaurant Waiting

I like to cook. Scratch that. I like the idea of cooking. I have cookbooks for low fat, no fat, and don’t-ask fat. I like to look at them. I even mark an occasional page that makes my taste buds tingle and my stomach gurgle in anticipation. But as far as actually making a recipe? I’d rather eat other people’s cooking. Restaurant cooking. And since it’s summertime, and the last place I want to be is in the kitchen, our family does our part to further the restaurant economy.

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