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Donald James Parker is a rebel with a cause and is the author of nine novels, seven of which he considers culture-flash fiction. His goal is to promote God's kingdom and tear down strongholds of the enemy while he provides entertainment. He writes for The Christian Pulse, Examiner.Com, and The ebooks of all his novels are available for free download from his website at All of Don's books promote sexual purity, but two are especially focused on that topic - Love Waits and Homeless Like Me. The novels that attack the theory of human evolution include More Than Dust in the Wind, All the Voices of the Wind, and All the Fury of the Wind. Reforming the Potter's Clay is an attack on the occult. All the Stillness of the Wind is a spiritual odyssey which spotlights cheap grace and lukewarm living.

Come on, Baby, Do the Promotion 

(and the Locomotion) Part II

Building on last month’s topic of sixteen ways to promote your book, I am providing the details to each point. This subject is much like an onion. If you peel a layer, you’re bound to find another layer to explore and to master. And like onions, marketing has a tendency to provoke tears.

#1 Press Releases: To learn how to write a killer press release, download an eBook for free at Check out the list of free resources at to find a list of places you can submit press releases. You can also pay to have them released by professionals. Press releases may be passé, but if done well they can attract some attention

#2 Radio/TV shows: Your book’s subject matter might be worthy of a radio talk show. Try to land such a gig. You can always create your own radio show for free at I started my own show in mid-February.

#3 Local newspapers: Though larger newspapers may have an edict against writing stories about self-published authors, if you live in a smaller community, you should be able to sweet-talk the local paper into running a blurb about your work; however, with the explosion of self-publishing, authoring a book may become less of a newsworthy story.

#4 Social networks: Join Facebook, MySpace, GoodReads, Shelfari, LibraryThing, AuthorsDen, Twitter, Plaxo, and LinkedIn. has many great social networks specifically for books, readers, and writers. My favorite Ning sites are EdgyChristianFictionLovers, BookBlogs,AllAboutGod, BookPlace, ColdCoffee, IFog, ABookInsideForum, BookMarket, and LivingInBlackandWhite. (All of these site addresses are, where ### should be replaced by the name.) Fortunately for the writer on a shoestring budget, these sites are all free. You might mingle with other authors on some of these sites. Bookblogs is the best I’ve seen for mingling with reviewers and bloggers. A special plug is in order for, which is a Christian site. You can interface with lots of readers there. For sheer numbers, I think GoodReads is the easiest place to get your book (exposed but not so easy on your checkbook).. Social networks do have a downside. See my blog post at

#5 Post videos on and Also post comments on other’s videos to get your name in front of people. You might sign the comment with “author of My Newest Book.” You can do the same on people’s blogs, especially blogs about books. That will get your name into the search engines —a very good thing to do when attempting to get the public’s attention.

#6 Take a volunteer or low-paying writing gig at an online site such as,, etc. Do what you can to get your book into the public eye through this channel. One thing though, this platform might allow you to reach more people than your books ever do.

#7 Reviews: Some reviewers charge money. I have used a couple of them. Apex ( is excellent. They run specials periodically. I’ve gotten a review and Book Trailer for $59 on a special deal. AllBooks is another one I used ( Here is a list of people who review for free:

#8 Book Trailers: See Apex above. They’re the cheapest I’ve found and do an adequate job. You can certainly spend some big bucks on Book Trailers. I don’t get a lot of views on mine, but I do believe Book Trailers is a key to marketing.

#9 Blogs: Sign up for a free blog with Other free sites are also available. Write about your books and books in general. Host other authors and book tours on your blog.

#10 Book Tours: Though book tours are not always easy and I haven’t taken this route, it is another way of promoting your book and your name. You need to line up people to host your book on their blogs.

#11 Self-pub Co-ops: Find other self-published authors who have banded together to get more exposure for the members. I belonged to one in the Washington state area, which had a group book signing and a group Web site.

#12 Your own Web site: This is a requirement for any self-pubbed author. You can set it up for e-Commerce to handle selling your books on your Web site. If you don’t know how to do this, you will need to get a friend who knows how or hire a programmer to do it.

#13 Newsletter: Send out a newsletter detailing your writing activity with release dates, subject matter, new reviews, and other tidbits that might interest your readers.

#14 Bookclubs: Find book clubs and offer them special deals on copies of your book. I hope to start a Web site where people can register their book clubs and interface with authors.

#15 Giveaways: Make copies of your book available for online drawings. I give my e-books away for free. Word of mouth is the most important marketing tool in selling books. If you can start the snowball rolling down the hill by giving a few copies away and getting people to talk about them, you might end up with an avalanche.

#16 Speaking engagements: Talk about your books at church groups, community groups, and schools. The best venue is one where you can sell your books after you deliver a brilliant oratorical performance for your listening public.

More Tips

#1 Make a Kindle or other e-book reader edition of your book.

#2 Read marketing books. I like 1001 Ways to Market Your Books by John Kremer. He is the creator of the social network. Steve Weber wrote Plug Your Book. These materials go into details on some of the more esoteric topics dealing with promotion. You might want to put on your hip boots and a life jacket before wading into this ocean of information.

#3 Take classes or attend webinars. Karina Fabian has info at, and Jo-Anne Vandermeulen can be found at

The most important thing you can do in promoting is to be persistent. To paraphrase an old adage, “Faint heart never won fair readers.” If you believe in what you’re doing, you’ll have to keep beating your head against a wall until you breakthrough the sheetrock. It may never happen, but in reality the essence of human life is in the journey not the destination. I strongly urge you to study the sheetrock so you know the best location for breaking through to minimize the headaches.


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