The Dog That Talked to God

John and Mindy Clark

For Writers

Collaborating While Cohabitating: A Survivor’s Guide

How can you write a book with your spouse and not end up in divorce court? My husband, John, and I are often asked that question now that our first cowritten novel, Echoes of Titanic, has finally been released. Most folks might rank such an endeavor right up there with getting joint root canals, but I’m here to say...

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Yvonne Lehman

Genre Happenings

Hearts That Survive A Novel of the Titanic

And you thought the Titanic sank? Well, so did I. My novel about the Titanic, that is. But here’s how it began to surface. Way back in 2006, because of her firsthand knowledge of Nova Scotia and its important role after the sinking of the Titanic, my novelist friend Peggy Darty suggested she and I write two novellas each for a collection...

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DiAnn Mills

DiAnn Direct

Writing Witty Dialogue, Part 2

Successful writers understand that dialogue focuses on conflict, the life and breath of every novel. Kempton states that dialogue can be indirect, subtle, and ambiguous. Sawyer says that dialogue should be tight, realistic, original, unexpected, authentic, and rhythmic. Both are tough measuring sticks! Take a look at Jesus’ dialogue. 

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Jill Nutter/Jillian Kent

The Well Writer

Waste Your Words A Recovering Word Hoarder’s Guide to Marketing Kathi Lipp

I’m not usually very impressed with my own writing. (Put that in the column of things that a professional author is never supposed to say . . .) I love reading books and at the same time hate it. Love that I get to read how other people tell stories and craft words, and hate that I’m, sometimes, just not that good.

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Cara Putman

Author By Night

Have you ever had a dream you longed to bring to life so much that you’d do just about anything to make it happen? Enough that you’d cut out most TV watching? Enough that you’d give up hours of sleep to see what would happen? When I first started writing in 2005, I had two young children (five and two), worked four days a week as an attorney, and was very active in our church. Yet the fire to write had ignited, and I tested the dream.

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