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Randy Rooney

Randy Ingermanson

I Can Explainify

I sat at my computer, staring at the Apple Web site, wishing I had the money to buy one of the brand-spanking-new iPads.

This was the machine that convinced Amazon to switch its model of dealing with publishers. This was the future of e-books. This was going to save the cookies of writers everywhere.

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Adele Annesi

Word For Words

The Road Best Taken: A Study on Plot

If you hate organizing your writing and like spontaneity, you’ll love this perspective on plot: “Many writers spend the majority of their time devising their plot. What they don’t seem to understand is that if their execution—if their prose—isn’t up to par, their plot will never

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The Promise of Morning by Ann Shorey

Got An Idea For A Column???

POD and Self-Publishing

Donald James Parker

Every Christian Author Needs a Ghost Writer

I’m on the fringe of breaking a promise here. In my article last month, I said I would teach you how to get your work into Google Books. Sorry, but that article will have to wait. I felt led to share this editorial with you today instead. This definitely is not aimed solely at

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Nora St.Laurent


Interview With Book Club Leader - Jim Ruthland

I’m very excited about this interview for a couple of reasons. First, this is a book club that meets in a public library; and second, it’s an interview with a male book-club leader.

Hi, Jim, could you please tell me a little bit about your group before we get started with the interview?

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