Deadly Disclosure
Gina Holmes

Author Interview

Meet Gina Holmes

Gina Holmes is no stranger to the writing industry. For the past few years she has shared her enthusiasm about books and authors with thousands of readers on her Website, Novel Journey. This site recently earned the honor of the Top 101 Websites for writers by Writer’s Digest.

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Travis Thrasher

Spine Chiller Thrillers

Writing Broken

“Everything is broken. Everyone is broken.”

Those lyrics from a 1995 Radiohead song were a starting point. That and the image of a young woman.

Sometimes that’s all it takes.

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Got an idea for a column?

Dee Stewart

Multicultural Fiction

Three Authors Tackle Maternity and Myth for Mother’s Day

“I just think there’s this whole layer of ‘God wants you to live a certain way, God wants you to parent a certain way, God wants you to feel a certain way about motherhood.’ So whenever a failure or difficulty comes up in parenting, it doesn’t just feel like you’re failing as a mother, it feels like you’re failing as a Christian.” 

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Kelly Klepfer

Reviewers Corner

Three Reviews

Kelly Klepfer came on board Novel Reviews several years ago as the Senior Editor through her connections with Gina Holmes, Ane Mulligan and Jessica Dotta of Novel Journey fame.

Crossing Oceans by Gina Homes

Stretch Marks by Kimberly Stuart

She Walks In Beauty by Siri Mitchell

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Nancy Moser


The Day I Died

I was hurting. I had reason to hurt. Spine surgery was good reason. The surgeon discovering my spinal nerves were “a tangled mess” was good reason.

Feel sorry for me?

That’s what I wanted. That’s what I craved. Self-pity enveloped me as my sick body bore the added burden of a crushed spirit.

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