Anniversary Waltz


Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant

Publicity - Everyone Needs It

Marketing’s Four-Letter Word

I’ve heard many four-letter words in my lifetime; however, when I talk to my clients and other authors trying to sell their books, they become exasperated when I mention p-l-a-n. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, many are afraid of the good old marketing plan. You need one to successfully sell your books. I’m an avid football fan. My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. Let’s say that I had no clue when and where the...

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Cara Putman

ACFW Happenings

ACFW Journal
New Benefit of ACFW Membership

If you’re a member of ACFW, you should have received a copy of the inaugural issue of the Journal. If you aren’t a member, you may have heard the buzz this first issue is generating. One agent emailed me, comparing it to Architectural Digest. Many published and unpublished authors have talked about the quality of the articles that fill its pages.

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Track Changes - One Editor's POV

Ramona Richards

God’s Timing Is Perfect

From 2000 to 2005, I worked as a freelance editor, working for a number of different publishers, editing just about any subject matter you can imagine. I edited for big name folks and for companies no longer in business. During this time, I edited a contracted book called Angel Falls by Connie Mann—a debut novel, but extremely well written. This book pushed the edges a bit with Christian fiction, with both character arcs and setting, but I loved every word. I worked closely with...

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Terry Burns

Heard It Thru Hartline

Busy Lady

This is a little unusual for a column, but I doubt that Bonnie Calhoun will blow her own horn in a magazine she publishes. So as her agent, please allow me to do so. This is a picture of Bonnie and me at the 2011 American Christian Fiction Writer’s conference right after she won the coveted Mentor of the Year Award.

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Janice Hanna Thompson

Supplementing Your Habit

See It!

This month we’re focusing on the letter S: See It! Here’s the deal, folks: faith is key to the freelancer. What you believe about yourself, the words you speak over your situation . . . these things are all critical. It’s time to start seeing yourself as successful. No, I’m not talking about success as the world defines it. This isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme or even a “you can have what you speak” sermon, though I do believe that our words have power. I’m simply talking about seeing yourself...

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