The Anonymous Bride

Sara Salter

Box Office

Hidden Places

I had seen the movie Hidden Places advertised on TV several times. I think that at one time I actually saw a few minutes of it. But in my busy household, where television is often relegated to background noise while I’m cleaning, eating dinner, or writing, I never sat down and watched the movie, even though Hidden Places was on my going...

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Margaret Brownley

For Writers

Writing the Historical Novel

Have the Right Attitude
I didn’t start out to write historical fiction (though one of my books took so long to sell, it became historical by default). The truth is I hated history in school. All those battles and dates—who cares?

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Brandilyn Collins

Making A Scene

Three Steps to Writing a Stunning First Line

This month we look at the importance of the first line. Remember, a novelist has about thirty seconds with the typical browser in the bookstore to land a sale. Do you really want that first line of yours to be a ho-hum sentence?

Three steps to reeling in the browser with your opening line:

1. Create a hook.

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Jeannie Campbell

Author By Night

Today Wasn’t That Bad At All

Today wasn’t all that bad, actually. Just one client with suicidal ideation, a couple with marital problems—not the least of which is being homeless and raising four children—and one positive methamphetamine test to contend with. Not to mention facilitating two plan development meetings, developing a treatment plan for one mom and her daughter, and writing my own progress notes. Oh,

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Kathy Carlton Willis

For Readers

Dig Deeper: Signs of a Good Book

I’ve already received correspondence asking if this column can help book lovers read on deeper levels—to find even more significance in each story. So let’s explore some of the ways you can enjoy books even more. Yes—it’s possible! Here are a dozen questions to get you started. Next month we’ll talk about the elements of a good book.

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