A Corpse At St. Andrews Chapel

Life-Transforming Fiction

The Edgy Inspirational Novel

Dave Meigs

The age-old controversy.

It was the summer of 1976, and I will never forget a conversation I had with the then not-yet-published Frank Peretti. We were enjoying a quick bite to eat in the relatively quiet oasis of the lunchroom, tucked...

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Diary Of A Crazy Writer

I Will Not Be Moved

Deborah Anderson

I think everyone needs a good place to write. Don’t you? It could be on a kitchen table, a coffee table, a desk in a spare bedroom, or a spot in an old oak tree outside. Okay, maybe the tree thing is a bit much. Carving a novel into the bark...

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Rachel Hauck

Rachel Hauck

Dodging Raindrops

Ninety percent of life is about showing up: Being there for your parents, your spouse, your children and friends, keeping commitments, working hard.

But what about the remaining 10 percent? How does that factor into success in life?

The first 10 percent is the fuel that powers the 90.

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Quantum Marketing

The Most Powerful Marketing Tool In The World (And It's FREE!)

jim Rubart

In early March I stepped into Hairmasters for a trim of the few hairs I have left.

“How are you doing today?” the lady at the front desk said...

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Character Therapy

Bipolar: Research It Before You Use It

Jeannie Campbell

Bipolar disorder seems to be a popular disorder for writers. Not that the writers suffer from this disorder themselves, but often their characters do. Why? 

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