Daisy Chain

The Knight, The Rook, The Pawn by Steven James
Joyce Magnin

Real Life Is Stranger

Sometimes It’s Okay To Be A Victim

No one really knows the origin of April Fool’s day. My eleven-year-old son loves this day of pranks and hoaxes. Nobody is safe from his practical jokes. I move through the house with trepidation, carefully opening cabinets for fear a severed hand will reach out and grab me. The peanut butter is likely to be...

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Book Trailers

The Treacherous Trail Into The Jungle Of New Releases

Misty Taggart

We are moving headlong into spring, and the marketing of summer book releases is in full swing. Are you and your book lost between release and reader? Are you...

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Special Giveaway

Sandie Bricker

Sandra D. Bricker is an award-winning author of laugh-out-loud fiction for the inspirational market, and she has a theory: No matter what you’re facing, a good laugh does the heart a world of good. So with visions of spring (at last!) in her head...

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Loree Lough

Loree's Lough Down

Interview With Margie Summers, Web Developer

This month, because Loree is working to meet three book deadlines between now and June, she’s doing something a little different (and gentler on her schedule) for your reading enjoyment: interviewing her Web designer, Margie Summers.

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Caroline Friday

Made For Movies


Set in the year 1987, Precious tells the powerful tale of an obese, illiterate, sixteen-year-old African American girl named Claireece “Precious” Jones, who lives in a constant state of horrific mental and emotional abuse from her mother (wonderfully played by Mo’Nique). 

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