Fatal Loyalty

Ask Andrea

Andrea Kuhn Boeshaar

The dog days of summer are upon us. But soon students will return to school. In honor of our younger readers, I’m answering questions from teenage writers this month.

Dear Mrs. Boeshaar: I am a very young writer and often I’m very self-conscious about this because I haven’t seen any young readers getting published. Why? 

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Adele Annesi

Word For Words

Show and Tell: How to Know, How to Fix

Editors often advise writers to show not tell in their work. But what does this mean, when is it better to tell thanto show, and how do writers edit their stories to accomplish one or the other?

Editors usually advise writers to show...

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Crossing Oceans by Gina Holmes
Janice Hanna Thompson

Supplementing Your Fiction Habit

In the Beginning . . . the Writer-Set Goals

You’ve made up your mind. Not only are you going to polish that novel, making it the best it can be, but also you’re going to earn extra money on the side by freelancing. Congratulations! You’re in good company. Many aspiring novelists bide their time...

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POD and Self-Publishing

Donald James Parker

Pride and Prejudice 2010

Have you ever slaved over your computer for a couple of hours, composing a section of the great American novel and then something happened causing you to lose your work? The resulting frustration and sinking feeling is extremely unpleasant. Just for jollies...

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Nora St.Laurent


Why A Book Club Network?

Where do book club leaders meet Christian authors? How do authors find book clubs? This is made easy at The Book Club Network (TBCN). It’s where authors meet book clubs and leaders get to know them and their books. It’s a safe, one-stop shopping place for both parties.

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