The Malacca Conspiracy

Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant

Publicity - Everyone Needs It

Is Your Business Card Sending the Wrong Message?

During one particular networking event, I had the pleasure of meeting a young woman who gladly offered me her card, which included the name of her company, her name, her landline number, cell number, and e-mail address. After I gave her card the once-over, I asked her if she had a business address, phone, e-mail address, and website. She did not. I went out on a limb and asked her why she did not have these important and valuable tools a

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Angela Breidenbach

ACFW Happenings

He Said/She Said:
How to have an amazing author event from the writer’s perspective.

Recently a friend of mine, Tosca Lee, and I had an interesting discussion about creating author events. We discussed the issue of writers being more introspective than gregarious. Being the outgoing sort, I’ve had trouble understanding why author signings and other events are sometimes painful for a writer. Then I spoke with a variety of author friends who explained the effects of public appearances on their more reserved personality types.  

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Aaron Patterson

Publisher's Corner

A Good Reason to Write

StoneHouse Ink is an imprint of Ampelon Publishing and will be publishing Christian/clean fiction. StoneHouse Ink also works with established authors on Out of Print books. This allows authors to keep their work in print and keep control of their titles. We believe that the author has the right to keep his or her books in print as long as they like.

StoneHouse Ink is a Partner Publishing company that offers first 

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Tamela Hancock Murray

Heard It Thru Hartline

Answers From The Agents

Is it true that if authors do not follow submission rules, their manuscripts will automatically be rejected?

For the most part, this is true. There are always exceptions, but most days I get so many proposals that I look at only the ones that are done according to the guidelines on our website, We ask that you send your proposal as an e-mail attachment. It is helpful to write a short summary and a short bio in the body of the e-mail, simply because we don’t like to...

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Wanda Dyson

Conference Corner

Conference Manna

I just returned from the Annual Germanna Conference in Culpeper, Virginia. Over 300 people attended, and all of us are direct descendants of the German immigrants who came here in 1717, who cleared the land, planted crops, built homes, and established Madison, Virginia. I stood there in that crowd of people and found myself checking nametags—because, you see, the names of our...

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