Broken by Travis Thrasher

Life-Transforming Fiction

Is There Such a Thing as Inspirational Horror?

Dave Meigs

Last May, a fellow author contacted me about collaborating on a book he was putting together about the role of “edgy” fiction as a sub-genre within Christian inspirational fiction. He introduced himself as a former horror writer who...

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Diary Of A Crazy Writer

Taking Down The Giants

Deborah Anderson I’ve gone and done it this time. I recently signed up to finish a novel in thirty days. I mean, is this even possible? I’ve heard of others doing this, so maybe it is doable.

Last month I realized I’d been sabotaging myself because of fear of success...

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Rachel Hauck

Rachel Hauck

Dodging Raindrops - A Bigger View

I like going on trips. My husband likes buying things. This past June I went on a writers retreat and came home to a new Sony LED 46” flat panel television with a Blu-ray player.

It’s pretty amazing considering we had an old tube-in-a-box TV. Analog. How twentieth century. The Blu-ray connects to Netflix and Amazon, so movie night is literally the push of a button.

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Quantum Marketing

From the Quantum Marketing Mailbag

jim Rubart

Q: Mara says, “Hey, Jim, Facebook and Twitter are all the rage these days, but is it really worth my time?”

A: Yes. No. Maybe...

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Character Therapy

Character Stereotypes: The Tomboy

Jeannie Campbell

Fiction carries many examples of tomboy characters: Jo March in Little Women and Idgie Threadgoode in Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café, to name just two. The word can refer to little girls engaging in what society considers more boyish...

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