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Rain Check

Arriving at this familiar church to be a bridesmaid at Claire’s wedding seems almost unreal. Claire Bloom was one of my closest friends in grade school and high school. Now she’s going to walk down the aisle in less than two hours into the arms of dashing Paul Payne!

While I was visiting Springfield last summer, Claire and Paul had announced their engagement. They said they’d be married on Valentine’s Day next year. Because Claire had gone through a difficult first marriage, I’d been delighted with their news.

I see another dear old friend, Suzette Powers, hurriedly approaching me. She gives me a big hug. “Genevieve! So good to see you.”

We walk through the spacious hallway and into the bridesmaids’ dressing room. In a corner hanging rack I see an elegant, wine-colored gown. Within fifteen minutes I’m changed and ready.

We walk into the foyer and see a large group of people. Ushers are handing out programs. Next I hear the voice of the wedding coordinator, Ms. Drummond. “Wedding party members need to get in place now.” She starts to line everyone up.

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The Mystery Man

“If this rain doesn’t stop soon, I’ll go mad! Two weeks is enough!” Mary closed her eyes to the dark, wet scene outside her window and drew Harley Quin closer. The cat, as dark as the night except for tiny sparkles of white surrounding his eyes like a mask, purred and rubbed his head against her chin. “I know. My mood isn’t from rain or thunder. I want to be in a relationship. Just not with Paul.” Paul was her latest ex-boyfriend. “Although I miss his flowers. The apartment looks kind of drab since we broke off, doesn’t it?”


“So you’ve noticed, too. And seeing that dark figure just now protecting that beautiful bouquet of spring flowers underneath that huge umbrella didn’t help matters much. Especially the way he moved. Everything about him made me think of William.”

Mary sighed and held Harley Quin cheek to cheek, swaying the old cat back and forth in her arms as she shuffled to the overstuffed chair in the corner. “Life would have been different if I had married William. For me anyway. I wonder how things turned out for him. Couldn’t be worse than this!” She fell back into the chair.


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