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Life-Transforming Fiction

Life Is Often Stranger Than Fiction

Frankly, if I were to read in a novel some of the true-life-stories of the people I’ve ministered to over the years, I would think it too far-fetched and simply put the book down. We live in a broken world, filled with broken people.

Dave Meigs

I usually start a counseling session with the statement, “There is nothing you could tell me that I haven’t heard before.” It’s sad, but true, and I’ve not been surprised for a long, long...

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Fiction Rants

R.U. Serious?

John Perrodin

Has anyone actually read the young adult romance Twilight? I haven’t. Could barely choke down chapter one. So to be fair, I’ll limit my remarks to those first golden words.

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a best seller. But—and this may shock you—that doesn’t mean it’s well written. And yes, I realize that “everyone” of the female... 

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Rachel's Rubies

Rachel Hauck

January’s Jade

The gemstone jade is honored for its strength and beauty. Much like me, um, er, sorry, lost my train of thought.

Where was I? Right, talking about jade. I just finished writing a story, The Sweet By and By, with a heroine named Jade. She is strength amid weakness. Beauty against the backdrop of brokenness.

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Quantum Marketing

Quantum Marketing Moment

jim Rubart

This column will help you market your fiction and, more important, help you market you. Why? You are your books, your books are you, whether you like it or not. To put it in marketing-speak, you are—and must be—the brand.

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Fiction International

An American in Paris—I Mean—Lyon

Elizabeth Musser

How did a Southern girl from Atlanta, Georgia, end up in Lyon, France?

I’m a missionary. And a writer. I have the kind of jobs that aren’t listed in any of the choices on those school forms my sons have to fill out under “parent’s profession.” For...

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