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We’re already beginning our first full year of publishing CFOM! The holidays are pretty much over, but one thing is left that many people still observe: their New Year’s resolutions. Why not make a resolution to read every issue of CFOM this coming year? For your convenience, save our site on your “favorites” list, so you can open it without having to type in the URL every time. Or you can subscribe on Feedblitz and a monthly reminder will be sent to you when the new edition comes out.

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CFBA Blog Tours For January

See the eight books on tour with the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance this month! Visit our CFBA Blog on a weekly basis to see the latest tours and the lists of participating blogs

Come and check out the monthly winner of the best CFBA Book Review on our tour circuit!

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Publisher's Choice

Bonnie Calhounby
Bonnie Calhoun

Every month I will be highlighting someone or something that makes a great impression on me personally. This month I'd like to introduce you to my agent and Western writer extraordinaire! Take it away Terry!

Introducing Terry Burns

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Editor's Spotlight

Michelle Suttonby
Michelle Sutton

Sometimes I collect older books and read them just to see how fiction has evolved over the past ten or so years. I found an old Heartsong by a novelist named Janelle Jamison, and I was surprised to discover that this was Tracie Peterson’s pen name when she started out...

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Coming up next month Christian Fiction Online Magazine offers more talented columnists and interesting topics. I’ll discuss the latest developments to CFOM.

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Celebrating the New Year, we're offering 10 books that will make you turn over a resolution to read more this year, and keep up with all the good books you are missing! Come sign up for the contest!

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