Rebecca Germany

Publisher's Corner

Staying The Course

Tucked in the hill country of eastern Ohio, in a very small town, is a hidden gem of a company. Even if they knew of the company’s existence, most locals wouldn’t believe the volume of books that goes through the warehouse each year to meet the company’s mission to publish inspirational products offering exceptional value and biblical encouragement to the masses—worldwide.

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Cara Putnam

ACFW Happenings

Meet Cynthia Ruchti, ACFW President

In January, four positions on the ACFW Operating Board change. Congratulations to Cynthia Ruchti, the new president; Cheryl Wyatt, the new vice president; Margaret Daley, the new volunteer officer, and Angie Breidenbach, the new publicity officer. A huge congratulations go to Robin Miller, Pamela James, Michelle Sutton, and Cara Putman for two years of service on the board.

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Heard It Through Hartline

Terry Burns

I was asked to speak at the Glorieta Christian Writers Conference on the topic of publishing and the economy. To do it, I had to interview over fifty editors, agents, and industry professionals.

The newswire reports: (WASHINGTON 11/25/08) The economy took a tumble in the summer that was worse than first thought as American consumers throttled back their spending by the most in 28 years...

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Gotta Get It!?

Kelly Mortimer

Off The Hook

In case you’re behind on the happenin’ lingo, that phrase means “awesome”! And if you wanna to be an awesome full-time writer (who can afford to eat), you’d better learn what a “hook” is, and when to use one.

Hook: anything that catches; snares; traps. Something that attracts attention or serves as an enticement.

A snare. A trap. Attention. Enticement...

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Book Video Trailers

Diann Mills

Everyone loves a finely crafted movie. They are magical and memorable, and they linger in our hearts for years. We love the characters, the plot, the setting, the witty dialogue, and how the director “saw” the story. We want to see it again and again.

But the badly done movies? We’ve wasted our time and hard-earned...

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Publicity - Everyone Needs It

You Need Publicity

Tina Jacobsen

For over twenty years, I’ve been the president of a public relations firm that works extensively in Christian publishing. When people find out what I do for a living, they usually wonder about two things: 1) whether I’ve rubbed shoulders with any famous people; and 2) what it takes to really “make it”...

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