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Randy Rooney

Randy Ingermanson

Book Trailers R Us

I was staring at my computer screen and typing furiously when the phone rang. A glance at the caller ID told me that it was my plumber, Sam. I kept typing. Experience tells me that a call from Sam is best left to voice mail.

After only two rings, it quit. A leaden feeling settled into my gut. My wife has more sense than to answer Sam. She must. She mu—

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Adele Annesi

Word For Words

Writer's Block

The most searching, most revealing, most important question you ask yourself as a writer, maybe even as an individual, is “why?” Three keys unlock the power of this question to help writers in editing mode make the most of the answers.

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Screenwriting 101

C.J. Powers

Stop Telling Them How To Do It

I often receive requests for a quick answer to a question the screenwriter needs resolved. “Should I do this, or this?” I find it difficult to answer because most of the time the correct answer is neither. And far too often it deals with the writer trying to tell the director, cinematographer, production designer, wardrobe department, actor...

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POD and Self-Publishing

Donald James Parker

Formatting A Manuscript

This month’s article on formatting a manuscript will likely interest only a small group of do-it-yourself authors. To throw a little tidbit to the rest of you, I’ve posted a blog with links to details and my opinions about industry-shaking announcements from some traditional publishing houses, which provoked a hailstorm of controversy concerning

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Nora St.Laurent


Featuring Patty LeBlanc

Patty LeBlanc is married and has two daughters. She is active in her church with Awana. Patty loves Christian fiction, and when she’s not reading, interviewing authors, or scrapbooking, she’s riding her Harley Davidson Sportster 883L. She and her husband are actively involved with the Christian Motorcyclists Association. She splits her work day between two jobs. From 4 to 6 AM she does medical ...

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