Life-Transforming Fiction

New Beginnings

Dave Meigs

January first holds a special uniqueness unlike any other day of the year. It carries the promise of hope and a fresh start. It is a day for making resolutions and starting new beginnings. It is also a great day for watching football on the television. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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Diary Of A Crazy Writer

Episode one

Deborah Anderson

Have you ever done anything crazy while attempting to publish your writing?


I don’t want to be alone here, so work with me.

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Rachel Hauck

Rachel Hauck - Dodging Raindrops


What’s the big deal about Facebook? Didn’t our mamas tell us not to do something simply because everyone else was doing it?

“Would you jump off a cliff . . .”

Yet the rules have changed a bit from Mama’s day. If you’re not on Facebook, you’re missing out on the hottest Internet commodity since Google. You need to be on Facebook because everyone else is doing it. And you can assure Mama it’s not even close to jumping off a cliff.

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Quantum Marketing

It's time To Meet Someone Famous

jim Rubart

You never know when you’ll bump into someone famous.

Years ago, when my hair was still black, my wife and I sat at a Seahawks game, marveling at the two whacko guys behind us.

They put on a bozo noses and raced...

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All About YA

Interview with Novelist Sandra Byrd

Jill Williamson

I’m talking with novelist Sandra Byrd this month. I’m a big fan of Sandra’s Friends for a Season series and am eagerly awaiting her new teen series based in London. Sandra, catch us up. What have you been doing lately?

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