Melanie Dobson

Melanie Dobson presents:

An Escape to the Amanas 

Summer Giveaway

Tucked into Iowa’s rolling hills is a cluster of seven quaint villages called the Amana Colonies. Grapevines adorn the old brick and stone homes in the Amanas and aromas from the bountiful gardens and bakeries waft through the streets.

The Amana people share a profound spiritual heritage, and until 1932, they also shared their property and resources as a commune. For eighty years, the Amana Society provided food, housing, medical care, and schooling for each member and their children. Even though they no longer live as a commune, the Amana people continue to care for each other and their many guests.

This summer, step back in time to a place filled with beauty and heritage. A quiet retreat from the frenzy of modern life.

This summer escape to the peaceful Amana Colonies.

Melanie Dobson Giveaway

The Escape to the Amanas gift box includes:

  • German Chocolate Coffee, Amana Coffee & Tea
  • Raspberry Loose Leaf Tea, Amana Coffee & Tea
  • From

  • Somewhere to Belong, Daughters of Amana series
    (historical novel by Judith Miller)
  • Love Finds You in Homestead, Iowa
    (historical novel by Melanie Dobson)
  • Seasons of Plenty: Amana Communal Cooking
    (Amana stories, history, and recipes, Emilie Hoppe)
  • The Amana People: The History of a Religious Community
    (Amana heritage, Peter Hoehnle)
  • Christian Metz: German-American Religious Leader & Pioneer
    (biography, F. Alan DuVal, ed. Peter Hoehnle)

  • To enter this giveaway, send an email to with 

    “Escape to the Amanas” in the subject line.

    Entries are open to U.S. residents and must be received on or before July 31st. Winner will be contacted by email for mailing information.