Wanda Dyson

Wanda Dyson is a multipublished suspense author, currently writing for Random House/Waterbrook. Her one attempt at a nonfiction book was picked up for an exclusive release on Oprah. In addition to writing full time, she is also the appointment coordinator for the CCWC, Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers, and ACFW Writers conferences.

For more on Wanda and her books, visit her Website at www.WandaDyson.com.

Conference Corner

I’m in the middle of organizing the appointments for two conferences: Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference in August and the ACFW Conference in September. The appointment request forms are coming in hot and heavy, and two prevailing sentiments are coming in with them. One is excitement—attendees can’t wait for the conference to start. The other is trepidation—first-time attendees don’t know what to expect.

I love newbies. They haven’t been beaten down by the time and hard work it takes to persevere in this industry, so they have enthusiasm, high hopes, and, dare I say it, unrealistic expectations. They’re eager to meet with a particular editor or agent because they just know that person is the key to a contract and of course that contract is just days or weeks away.

Those of us who have been in this industry any length of time smile, nod, and walk away knowing that their disappointment will either weed them out or stiffen their spines.

Writing isn’t a career for the weak of heart, that’s for sure. But the best place to be for the encouragement, support, prayer, and fellowship you need to persevere is at a writer’s conference. Who else but other writers could possibly understand where you are coming from? What you’re trying to accomplish? How is feels to face rejection day after day, month after month, even (gasp) year after year?

Each conference brings in top-notch teachers to help you improve and polish your craft, from writing a proposal to fine-tuning your characters to smoothing out your plot to developing a plot twist that will create a buzz about your book. When you attend a writer’s conference, take as many classes as you can. Oh, I’ve heard some complain that there was so much to do they had no time to rest. As my grandfather used to say, “You can rest when you’re dead.” Well, let’s just say, you can rest when you get back home. You will have only a couple of days to pack in as much learning as you can, so get as much as you can out of the conference. Mix and mingle with your fellow writers in the evenings. Drag yourself up out of bed early and join them for worship. I know. Most of us writers are loners. We prefer to hide in our caves writing. But if you have to take a crowbar with you to pry you out of your solitude, do it. You’ll be richly blessed for it.

Most conferences arrange it so that you can sit at the same meal table with editors, agents, and teachers. Take advantage of that opportunity. You may have absolutely nothing to pitch to that person hosting the table, but just sitting there quietly, eating your meal, and listening to the conversation around you can be a learning experience.

So go, meet, eat, and learn. You will come home tired, refreshed, excited, renewed, and ready to write.

Wanda Dyson
Best-selling Suspense Author

JULY Conferences

OREGON CHRISTIAN WRITERS CONFERENCE: Portland, OR, area, 250 expected to attend, www.oregonchristianwriters.org

EAST METRO ATLANTA CHRISTIAN WRITERS SEMINAR: Covington, GA, 50 expected to attend, cjac401992@aol.com, www.emacw.org

July 17–24: HIGHLIGHTS WRITERS WORKSHOP AT CHAUTAUQUA: New York, NY, 100 expected to attend, Contact@highlightsfoundation.org, www.highlightsfoundation.org

July 24: AMERICAN CHRISTIAN WRITERS INDIANAPOLIS CONFERENCE: Indianapolis IN, ACWriters@aol.com, www.ACWriters.com

July 25–30: MONTROSE CHRISTIAN WRITERS CONFERENCE: Montrose PA – 100 expected to attend; mbc@montrosebible.org, http://www.montrosebible.org/writers.htm

July 29–31: MIDWEST WRITERS WORKSHOP: Muncie, IN, 150 expected to attend, midwestwriters@yahoo.com, www.midwestwriters.org

July 30–August 1: SHE SPEAKS CONFERENCE: Concord, NC, 450 expected to attend, office@Proverbs31.org, www.SheSpeaksConference.com

July 30–August 3: THE WRITING ACADEMY SEMINAR: Minneapolis, MN, 30 expected to attend, nremm10335@aol.com, www.wams.org

AUGUST Conferences

KARITOS CHRISTIAN ARTS CONFERENCE: Bolingbrook, IL, 300–400 expected to attend, bob@karitos.com, www.karitos.com


August 1–7: THE GLEN WORKSHOP: Santa Fe, NM, 200 expected to attend, image@imagejournal.org, www.imagejournal.org/page/events/the-glen-workshop

August 5–7: GREATER PHILADELPHIA CHRISTIAN WRITERS CONFERENCE: Langhorne, PA, 250 expected to attend, mbagnull@aol.com, www.writehisanswer.com/Philadelphia

August 6–7: AMERICAN CHRISTIAN WRITERS MINNEAPOLIS CONFERENCE: Minneapolis, MN, ACWriters@aol.com, www.ACWriters.com

August 7: TEXAS CHRISTIAN WRITERS CONFERENCE: Houston, TX, 80 expected to attend, marthalrogers@sbcglobal.net (editors and agents in attendance)

August 14: AMERICAN CHRISTIAN WRITERS ST. LOUIS CONFERENCE: St. Louis, MO, ACWriters@aol.com, www.ACWriters.com

August 15–20: CAPE COD ANNUAL SUMMER WRITERS’ CONFERENCE: Cape Cod, MA, 200 expected to attend, writers@capecodwriterscenter.org, www.capecodwriterscenter.com

August 22–27: GREEN LAKE WRITERS CONFERENCE: Green Lake, WI, 40–80 expected to attend, janwhite@glcc.org, www.glcc.org

SEPTEMBER Conferences

September: UTAH CHRISTIAN WRITERS CONFERENCE; Bluffdale UT; julie.compelled2tell@mac.com; www.utahchristianwriters.com

September: INSCRIBE FALL CONFERENCE; Edmonton, AB, Canada, 70+ expected to attend; query@inscribe.org; www.Inscribe.org

September: MARANATHA CHRISTIAN WRITERS CONFERENCE; Muskegon, MI, 100 expected to attend; info@writewithpurpose.org; www.WriteWithPurpose.org

September: MCC CHRISTIAN WRITERS’ SEMINAR; Joppa, MD; Vcolclasure@clearviewcatv.net

September: AD LIB CHRISTIAN ARTS RETREAT; Franciscan Retreat Ctr, Colorado Springs, CO, 20 max expected to attend; richard.terrell@doane.edu; www.adlibchristianarts.org

September: SAN DIEGO CHRISTIAN WRITERS GUILD SEMINAR; San Diego, CA, 180 expected to attend; info@sandiegocwg.org; www.sandiegocwg.org

September: CATCH THE WAVE WRITERS CONFERENCE; Woodstock, GA; www.christianauthorsguild.org

September: CHRISTIAN WRITERS SEMINAR; Okoboji, IA, 20 expected to attend; waterfalls42@hotmail.com; www.waterfallsretreats.com

September: CRUISIN’ FOR CHRIST; Caribbean Cruise; Cruisin_For_Christ@yahoo.com; blessed_to_write@yahoo.com; www.cruisinforchrist.org

September 16–18: AMERICAN CHRISTIAN FICTION WRITERS CONFERENCE; Indianapolis, IN; 500 expected to attend; cd@acfw.com; www.ACFW.com

September 17–18: RICHMOND CHRISTIANS WHO WRITE CONFERENCE; Richmond, VA; RichmondCWW@aol.com; http://rcww.blogspot.com

September 17–18: NORTH TEXAS CHRISTIAN WRITERS CONFERENCE; Keller, TX, 250 expected to attend; info@ntchristianwriters.com; www.ntchristianwriters.com

September (18?): SILOAM SPRINGS WRITERS’ WORKSHOP; Siloam Springs, AR, 30 expected to attend; 479-524-6598

September 24–25: AMERICAN CHRISTIAN WRITERS SPOKANE CONFERENCE; Spokane, WA; ACWriters@aol.com; www.ACWriters.com


Judgement Day