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Kim Ford Interviews Our Featured Cover Author
-Daniel Blackaby

Daniel BlackabyDaniel Blackaby is a fourth-generation writer who has a unique, strong, and challenging faith and whom God has blessed with a contract for a fantasy fiction trilogy! His debut fiction title, Legend of the Bookkeeper, is an introduction to a fast-paced thrill ride of adventure. It is a true pleasure to offer you an opportunity to learn more about this very talented young man.

Your Website Bio page describes you as a fourth-generation writer. One generation includes Dr. Henry Blackaby, who wrote several well-known Bible study guides and books. What does that description mean to you, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and realistically? How has that shaped your identity as a writer?

It’s a tremendous honor to have such a godly heritage and to witness firsthand what God can do with ordinary men who are wholly yielding to Him. There’s also a lot of pressure. When your grandpa’s book sells over seven million copies, it’s not an easy act to follow! However, a Blackaby family motto is “Never settle for less than God’s best for your life.” God didn’t call me to write Experiencing God . . . Again! He called me to be faithful in my own life. Included in the four generations is a poet, two nonfiction writers, and now a fiction writer. It’s amazing how God has used each in a unique way to impact his own generation.

Your first published work was a nonfiction title about standing up for God in a world that is antagonistic toward anything having to do with God. Do you see your generation as being more or less persecuted in today’s society? How do you personally take a stand in today’s world?

I know persecution is a relative word, but I would argue that persecution in America is at the highest it’s ever been simply because the world has never had as many tools at its disposal (social media, Internet, etc.). Thanks to Facebook it’s almost impossible to live a genuine Christian life in secret. I take a stand by trying to be faithful each day in every little opportunity God gives me. God’s not asking me to transform the world, but over time I pray that my daily obedience will add up to a life that makes a positive impact for God’s kingdom.

Your first work of fiction, which you published at the age of twenty-five, is a fantasy. Wow! What was it like to land a contract for a trilogy? Have you always been a fan of the genre? What is your favorite aspect of this trilogy?

It’s been an amazing adventure! It was my greatest dream to write fiction and to have the privilege of doing it so young has been unbelievable. I always have adored the fantasy. I could stock a small library with the number of fantasy books I’ve devoured over the years. Having the unlimited freedom to construct a new world with its own history and quirks was a blast.

I’ve read Legend of the Book Keeper—very exciting! What is your target age group?

I’m glad you enjoyed it! To be honest, I didn’t write with a particular target audience in mind. I basically just wrote a story that I would enjoy as a reader. I believe a well-told story can transcend age and gender; however, it was in my childhood/teen years that I fell in love with fantasy, and I hope my story helps today’s young people do the same.

Is there a character in the story that is similar to you in any way? If so, who is it and what are the similarities?

The main character, Cody, is a clear reflection of me! I like to think we share many heroic qualities . . . just kidding! We are both hopeless dreamers who enjoy the adventure of life. I was somewhat of a “loser” during my school years, so most of Cody’s struggles and insecurities come directly from things I had to overcome in my own life. When writing, I’d basically throw Cody into a situation and ask myself, “What would I do?” No wonder Cody always seems to make poor choices!

What do you hope readers will take away from this series?

I hope they enjoy journeying into a new world and allowing their imaginations to soar. I also hope they can learn from the characters. Regardless of “good guy” or “bad guy,” there is no perfect character in the story. They are all flawed and insecure and must overcome their fear of inadequacy. I think all readers can relate to that struggle.

When can readers expect the second book in the series to be available? Can you give us a sneak peek?

Book 2 will be available April 2013 and is titled City of Gold. It is shaping up to be even more action packed yet very character driven. Many of the lingering mysteries and unanswered questions get explored in Book 2, such as the identity of CROSS, Randilin’s dark deeds, and Tiana’s past. For a taste of what’s to come, the prologue and first chapter are available at www.russell-media.com/cityofgold/chapterone.

Legend of the Book KeeperWhat does a typical writing day look like for you?

Unfortunately, I haven’t had enough typical writing days to know! I am currently completing graduate school as well as writing another nonfiction book. So I tend to grab writing time whenever and wherever I can. This often means brewing a cup of coffee at 10 p.m. and typing away until my drooping eyelids make me stop!

What is the most challenging part of the writing process?

Time and confidence. People often glamorize writing a book, but the reality is that you must be willing to commit the hundreds of hours necessary to finish it.

It’s also tested my self-confidence. I pour my soul into my writing, but, unfortunately, not everyone is going to gush and praise its brilliance! Without a thick skin, a one-paragraph negative critique could derail me. I always take them seriously and try to learn from the criticism; but, ultimately, I am not defined by them.

How important is social media to the author? Do you believe you are “ahead of the game” in this area because of your age?

It’s crucial. I’m fairly young, but I know five-year-olds who do things on a smart phone that blows my mind! Things change so fast! Social media is an amazing tool and opportunity for authors. It has allowed for an intimate bridge between writer and reader that has never been possible before. My greatest joy so far has been connecting one-on-one with readers. (http://www.facebook.com/danielblackabyauthor twitter.com/#!/DanielBlackaby)

What thoughts would you like to share with your readers to encourage them to pursue their dreams while also standing up for God in a world that doesn’t encourage Christians to dream big?

Jesus took a handful of lowly fishermen and used them to turn the world upside down. Who are we to think He can’t use us as well? Most of the time the roadblock is not God; rather, it is our fear of failure or criticism. When we say “I can’t,” we are really saying “God can’t.” We serve a big God who doesn’t settle for tiny dreams. Be faithful every step and you’ll be amazed where you will find yourself in a year.


Kim Ford has been a resident of Alabama for more than ten years. Originally from Georgia, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Brenau Women’s College. She has spent the past 9 years in sales and marketing and has been an avid reader of Christian Fiction for more than 20 years. A mother of two teen sons both nearing the end of high school, Kim’s life is full and blessed. She enjoys singing, writing and spending time with her family. She blogs at: Window To My World